Bedford Eights & Fours Head 2017

Note - this Head Race is being run in a new format

You might be aware that Personal Ranking Index points have been allocated already, based upon 2016's results. These will be viewable on BR's website fairly soon.

Unlike the current points system, your Personal Ranking will automatically regress, with points gained being reduced exactly a year after they were gained.

You will have separate Personal Rankings for Sweep & Sculling, as you do at present. Coxswains will have their own ranking, though this will not count towards a crew's total points when working out the Draw. The coxswain's Ranking is designed to give some recognition of ability, and MAY be used by some of the Tideway Heads to determine suitability.

You will also have a Lifetime Ranking in each of the three disciplines, which will not regress over time.

So how will Bedford Eights & Fours Head 2017 work?

Why aren't any other events using Personal Rankings?

Note - information in this document may be changed at any time, and is my interpretation of the way the Personal Ranking system will work in practice.