Bedford Amateur Regatta

Saturday 14th May 2011

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Results for Bedford High School RC

RaceTimeStatusNext Race(s)EnclosureEmbankmentTimeVerdict
8211:32W.IM3.4+189(218) Milton Keynes RC (Draper)(219) St Neots RC (A)4:501/2 length
8311:34W.IM3.4+189(220) St Edward's School (Cadoux-Hudson)(221) Dame Alice Harpur BC (Gledhill)4:392 1/2 lengths
8411:36W.IM3.4+177(222) St Neots RC (B)(223) Broxbourne RC (Pardoe)5:01easily
8611:41W.IM3.4+177(224) Bedford High School RC (A)(226) Milton Keynes RC (Grossey)4:38a canvas
18915:30W.IM3.4+256(220) St Edward's School (Cadoux-Hudson)(219) St Neots RC (A)NTTeasily
17715:04W.IM3.4+256(226) Milton Keynes RC (Grossey)(223) Broxbourne RC (Pardoe)4:50easily
25617:59W.IM3.4+ (220) St Edward's School (Cadoux-Hudson)(226) Milton Keynes RC (Grossey)NTT4 lengths
27518:39W.NOV.4X+ (281) Dame Alice Harpur BC (Colman)(282) Bedford High School RC (A)4:501 length
5410:31W.J14.4X+161(289) Latymer Upper School (Hellard Timm)(290) King's School Ely BC (Wege)4:58easily
5510:33W.J14.4X+164(295) Sir William Perkins School (Aitchison)(296) Emanuel School (Palengat)4:44easily
5810:42W.J14.4X+166(298) Great Marlow School (Smyth)(299) Norwich School (Toms)5:063 lengths
16114:31W.J14.4X+241(289) Latymer Upper School (Hellard Timm)(291) Bedford High School RC (A)4:34easily
16314:35W.J14.4X+241(292) St Edward's School (Nagapetyants)(293) Haberdashers Monmouth (Major)4:57easily
16414:37W.J14.4X+243(294) Marlow RC (Robertson)(295) Sir William Perkins School (Aitchison)4:331/2 length
16614:41W.J14.4X+243(297) Sir William Borlase's Grammar School (Wicks)(298) Great Marlow School (Smyth)NTTRow Over
24117:27W.J14.4X+289(291) Bedford High School RC (A)(293) Haberdashers Monmouth (Major)11:12easily
24317:31W.J14.4X+289(295) Sir William Perkins School (Aitchison)(298) Great Marlow School (Smyth)3:54easily
28919:12W.J14.4X+ (291) Bedford High School RC (A)(295) Sir William Perkins School (Aitchison)4:271/2 length

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