Bedford Amateur Regatta

Saturday 14th May 2011

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Results for University of East Anglia

RaceTimeStatusNext Race(s)EnclosureEmbankmentTimeVerdict
7011:07IM3.8+180(15) Warwick University (Garside)(16) Magdalene College (M1)3:441 length
6811:03IM3.8+180(17) Trinity Hall BC (Goodwill)(18) Radley College Boat Club (Shawcross)3:401 1/2 lengths
7111:09IM3.8+184(19) Merton College (A)(20) Christ`s College BC (M1)3:323 lengths
7311:13IM3.8+184(21) Peterhouse BC (M1)(22) Bedford School (Chiang)3:421/4 length
7511:18IM3.8+186(23) Winchester College BC(24) City of Cambridge (Cornegruta)3:421/2 length
7711:22IM3.8+186(25) University of East Anglia(26) Wolfson College, Oxford (Bateman)3:434 lengths
8011:28IM3.8+190(27) Worcester College (Barnard)(28) Queens` College Cambridge BC (M1)3:432 1/2 lengths
8111:30IM3.8+190(29) Abingdon School (Griffiths)(30) Christ`s College BC (M2)3:464 1/2 lengths
18015:11IM3.8+262(15) Warwick University (Garside)(18) Radley College Boat Club (Shawcross)3:381 1/2 lengths
18415:19IM3.8+262(20) Christ`s College BC (M1)(22) Bedford School (Chiang)3:442/3 length
18615:23IM3.8+264(24) City of Cambridge (Cornegruta)(25) University of East Anglia3:392 lengths
19015:32IM3.8+264(28) Queens` College Cambridge BC (M1)(29) Abingdon School (Griffiths)3:323/4 length
26218:11IM3.8+297(18) Radley College Boat Club (Shawcross)(20) Christ`s College BC (M1)3:411 length
26418:15IM3.8+297(25) University of East Anglia(29) Abingdon School (Griffiths)4:441/2 length
29719:29IM3.8+ (18) Radley College Boat Club (Shawcross)(29) Abingdon School (Griffiths)3:271 length
4510:12W.IM3.8+158(91) Christ`s College BC (W2)(92) St Annes Oxford (W1)4:281 3/4 lengths
4610:15W.IM3.8+158(93) Trinity Hall BC (Machin)(94) Christ Church4:212 1/2 lengths
4710:17W.IM3.8+159(95) City of Cambridge(96) Balliol College BC (W1)4:183 lengths
4910:21W.IM3.8+159(97) Lady Margaret BC (Fielding)(98) Bedford High School/Dame Alice4:143 1/2 lengths
5010:23W.IM3.8+165(99) Downing College (W1)(100) Broxbourne RC (Pardoe)4:302 lengths
5110:25W.IM3.8+165(101) Christ`s College BC (W1)(102) Worcester College (W1)4:133 lengths
5210:27W.IM3.8+160(103) Queens` College Cambridge BC (W1)(104) University of East Anglia (Jones)4:111 length
5310:29W.IM3.8+160(105) Star Club (Appleton)(106) Pembroke College, Cambridge (W1)4:22easily
15814:24W.IM3.8+239(91) Christ`s College BC (W2)(93) Trinity Hall BC (Machin)4:223 lengths
15914:27W.IM3.8+239(96) Balliol College BC (W1)(98) Bedford High School/Dame Alice4:173 1/2 lengths
16514:39W.IM3.8+240(99) Downing College (W1)(101) Christ`s College BC (W1)4:071 length
16014:29W.IM3.8+240(104) University of East Anglia (Jones)(106) Pembroke College, Cambridge (W1)4:111 3/4 lengths
23917:23W.IM3.8+291(93) Trinity Hall BC (Machin)(98) Bedford High School/Dame Alice3:342 lengths
24017:25W.IM3.8+291(99) Downing College (W1)(104) University of East Anglia (Jones)4:061 length
29119:16W.IM3.8+ (98) Bedford High School/Dame Alice(99) Downing College (W1)3:581 length
1508:59W.NOV.8+101 / 221(107) Warwick University (Dobree-Carey)(108) University of East Anglia (Vigrass)4:10easily
1609:01W.NOV.8+103 / 220(113) St Edward's School (Spensley)(114) Emanuel School (Wolstenholme)4:445 lengths
1709:03W.NOV.8+104 / 220(116) City of Oxford RC (Ackerman)(117) Pembroke College, Cambridge (W2)4:291 1/4 lengths
10112:12W.NOV.8+205(108) University of East Anglia (Vigrass)(109) St Annes Oxford (W1)4:204 lengths
10812:27W.NOV.8+205 / 221(110) Peterhouse BC (W1)(111) City of Cambridge (Barnes)4:243/4 length
10312:16W.NOV.8+204(112) Bedford Modern School(113) St Edward's School (Spensley)4:461 length
10412:18W.NOV.8+204(115) Warwick University (White)(117) Pembroke College, Cambridge (W2)4:261 length
20516:05W.NOV.8+276(108) University of East Anglia (Vigrass)(110) Peterhouse BC (W1)4:142 1/2 lengths
20416:03W.NOV.8+276(112) Bedford Modern School(115) Warwick University (White)4:224 lengths
27618:41W.NOV.8+ (108) University of East Anglia (Vigrass)(115) Warwick University (White)4:122 lengths
22116:41W.NOV.8+ (P)269(107) Warwick University (Dobree-Carey)(111) City of Cambridge (Barnes)4:281/4 length
22016:39W.NOV.8+ (P)269(114) Emanuel School (Wolstenholme)(116) City of Oxford RC (Ackerman)4:35easily
26918:26W.NOV.8+ (P) (107) Warwick University (Dobree-Carey)(116) City of Oxford RC (Ackerman)4:481 length
9512:00IM3.4+207(169) Norwich School (Bedford-Payne)(177) Warwick University (Young)4:052 1/2 lengths
9812:06IM3.4+207(171) Norwich School (Watts)(172) Warwick University (Garside)NTTeasily
9912:08IM3.4+202(173) Bedford Modern School (Holbrook)(174) University of East Anglia (A)3:591 length
10012:10IM3.4+202(175) The Oratory School (Haimes)(176) Norwich School (Dell)4:08easily
20716:09IM3.4+268(169) Norwich School (Bedford-Payne)(172) Warwick University (Garside)4:042 feet
20215:57IM3.4+268(174) University of East Anglia (A)(176) Norwich School (Dell)4:421 length
26818:45IM3.4+ (172) Warwick University (Garside)(174) University of East Anglia (A)4:062 lengths
2809:30NOV.4+139(192) Norwich School (Jermy)(193) University of East Anglia (Heath)4:271/2 length
12112:56NOV.4+216(185) Bedford Rowing Club (Becker)(186) Norwich School (Wilde)4:313/4 length
12513:07NOV.4+216(187) Bedford School (Maltby)(188) University of East Anglia (B)4:03easily
12212:58NOV.4+218(189) Norwich School (Bell)(190) St Hildas College BC (Phillips)4:18easily
13913:42NOV.4+218(191) Bedford Modern School (Coveney)(192) Norwich School (Jermy)4:25easily
21616:30NOV.4+277(185) Bedford Rowing Club (Becker)(188) University of East Anglia (B)4:12easily
21816:35NOV.4+277(189) Norwich School (Bell)(191) Bedford Modern School (Coveney)4:011 length
27719:03NOV.4+ (188) University of East Anglia (B)(191) Bedford Modern School (Coveney)3:534 lengths
4410:10W.NOV.4+157(234) University of East Anglia (Marriott)(235) City of Oxford RC (Ackerman)5:041 1/2 lengths
15214:10W.NOV.4+238(227) City of Oxford RC (Schulte)(228) Dame Alice Harpur BC (Crook)5:03easily
14513:55W.NOV.4+238(229) Emanuel School (Wolstenholme)(230) Broxbourne RC (Gentle)5:132 lengths
15514:16W.NOV.4+236(231) St Hildas College BC (Hewett)(232) Norwich School (Hughes)5:023 lengths
15714:22W.NOV.4+236(233) City of Cambridge (Fuller)(235) City of Oxford RC (Ackerman)4:43easily
23817:21W.NOV.4+288(228) Dame Alice Harpur BC (Crook)(229) Emanuel School (Wolstenholme)5:053 lengths
23617:17W.NOV.4+288(231) St Hildas College BC (Hewett)(233) City of Cambridge (Fuller)4:583 lengths
28819:10W.NOV.4+ (228) Dame Alice Harpur BC (Crook)(231) St Hildas College BC (Hewett)4:471 1/2 lengths

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