Bedford Amateur Regatta

Saturday 14th May 2011

Results for College Eights

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RaceTimeStatusNext Race(s)EnclosureEmbankmentTimeVerdict
3209:43COL.8+132 / 149(49) St Annes Oxford (Cox)(50) Christ`s College BC (M2)3:482 1/2 lengths
3309:45COL.8+132 / 149(51) Downing College (M2)(52) Hertford College (Morten)NTTRow Over
3409:47COL.8+118 / 133(53) Clare BC (M1)(54) Merton College (A)3:431 3/4 lengths
3609:54COL.8+118 / 133(55) Lincoln College BC (Roberts)(56) Downing College (M1)3:50easily
2909:33COL.8+128 / 143(57) Worcester College (M1)(58) Christ Church3:473/4 length
3709:56COL.8+128 / 143(59) St John`s College BC (M1)(60) Magdalen College BC (Abdalla)3:391 length
3809:58COL.8+131 / 147(61) Clare BC (M2)(62) Lincoln College BC (Schulenburg)3:525 lengths
3910:00COL.8+131 / 147(63) Wolfson College, Oxford (England)(64) Christ`s College BC (M1)3:361 length
13213:26COL.8+224(49) St Annes Oxford (Cox)(51) Downing College (M2)3:431 1/4 lengths
11812:50COL.8+224(53) Clare BC (M1)(56) Downing College (M1)3:361 1/2 lengths
12813:13COL.8+226(58) Christ Church(59) St John`s College BC (M1)3:381 length
13113:24COL.8+226(62) Lincoln College BC (Schulenburg)(63) Wolfson College, Oxford (England)3:391 1/2 lengths
22416:49COL.8+282(49) St Annes Oxford (Cox)(56) Downing College (M1)3:351/2 length
22616:56COL.8+282(59) St John`s College BC (M1)(63) Wolfson College, Oxford (England)NTTRow Over
28218:57COL.8+ (56) Downing College (M1)(59) St John`s College BC (M1)3:363/4 length
14914:03COL.8+ (P)227(50) Christ`s College BC (M2)(52) Hertford College (Morten)NTTRow Over
13313:28COL.8+ (P)227(54) Merton College (A)(55) Lincoln College BC (Roberts)3:525 lengths
14313:51COL.8+ (P)228(57) Worcester College (M1)(60) Magdalen College BC (Abdalla)3:471/2 length
14713:59COL.8+ (P)228(61) Clare BC (M2)(64) Christ`s College BC (M1)3:43easily
22716:58COL.8+ (P)283(50) Christ`s College BC (M2)(54) Merton College (A)4:23Row Over
22817:00COL.8+ (P)283(60) Magdalen College BC (Abdalla)(64) Christ`s College BC (M1)3:382/3 length
28319:00COL.8+ (P) (54) Merton College (A)(64) Christ`s College BC (M1)NTTRow Over

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