Bedford Amateur Regatta

Saturday 14th May 2011

Results for Junior 14 Octuples (2nd Boat)

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RaceTimeStatusNext Race(s)EnclosureEmbankmentTimeVerdict
3509:49J14.2nd.8X124 / 225(142) Bedford School BC (C)(143) Bedford Modern School BC (Comber)4:262 1/2 lengths
2609:22J14.2nd.8X124 / 138(144) Radley College Boat Club (B)(145) St Edwards School BC (Pawley)4:471 1/4 lengths
2709:26J14.2nd.8X156 / 138(146) Shiplake College (B)(147) Abingdon School BC (C)4:13easily
3009:35J14.2nd.8X130 / 222(150) King`s College School Wimbledon (B)(151) Hampton School BC (Owen)4:26easily
3109:39J14.2nd.8X114 / 129(152) Radley College Boat Club (C)(153) Abingdon School BC (B)4:24easily
5710:38J14.2nd.8X114 / 129(154) Shiplake College (C)(155) Bedford School BC (B)4:13easily
12413:03J14.2nd.8X210(143) Bedford Modern School BC (Comber)(145) St Edwards School BC (Pawley)4:331 1/2 lengths
15614:18J14.2nd.8X210(146) Shiplake College (B)(148) Sir William Borlase`s BC (Wilson)4:11a canvas
13013:19J14.2nd.8X203(149) Radley College Boat Club (A)(151) Hampton School BC (Owen)4:22easily
11412:39J14.2nd.8X203(153) Abingdon School BC (B)(155) Bedford School BC (B)4:143 lengths
21016:16J14.2nd.8X279(143) Bedford Modern School BC (Comber)(146) Shiplake College (B)4:17easily
20315:59J14.2nd.8X279(149) Radley College Boat Club (A)(155) Bedford School BC (B)4:091 3/4 lengths
27918:47J14.2nd.8X (146) Shiplake College (B)(155) Bedford School BC (B)4:121/2 length
13813:38J14.2nd.8X (P)225(144) Radley College Boat Club (B)(147) Abingdon School BC (C)4:302 lengths
12913:15J14.2nd.8X (P)222(152) Radley College Boat Club (C)(154) Shiplake College (C)4:403 lengths
22516:51J14.2nd.8X (P)280(142) Bedford School BC (C)(147) Abingdon School BC (C)4:294 lengths
22216:43J14.2nd.8X (P)280(150) King`s College School Wimbledon (B)(152) Radley College Boat Club (C)4:322 1/2 lengths
28018:51J14.2nd.8X (P) (147) Abingdon School BC (C)(150) King`s College School Wimbledon (B)4:293/4 length

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