Thames Valley Park Regatta

Sunday 24th June 2018

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Results for Avon County RC

RaceTimeStatusNext RaceWinnerSecondThirdTimeVerdict 1:2Verdict 2:3
10913:31J15.A.4X+134Windsor Boys School (Morozov)Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe (Manning)RGS Worcester BC (Wastie)1:581 1/4 lengthseasily
11013:34J15.A.4X+136Guildford RC (Harrison)Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe (Partington)Sir William Borlase's Grammar School (Nozza)1:481 length2 lengths
13414:53J15.A.4X+185Claires Court School BC (Overturf)Great Marlow School (Holder)Windsor Boys School (Morozov)1:491/3 length3 lengths
13514:56J15.A.4X+185Wallingford RC (Barlow)Avon County RC (Hall-Haines)Reading Blue Coat School (Dunning)1:521/2 lengtheasily
13614:59J15.A.4X+185Guildford RC (Harrison)Kingston Grammar School (Brooks)Sir William Borlase's Grammar School (Byrne)1:481 lengtheasily
18517:43J15.A.4X+ Guildford RC (Harrison)Claires Court School BC (Overturf)Wallingford RC (Barlow)1:481 length1/2 length
3210:06W.J15.A.4X+75Guildford RC (Markfort)Maidenhead RC (Leeper)Sir William Perkins School (Ikin)2:011 1/4 lengths5 lengths
3410:12W.J15.A.4X+75Avon County RC (King)Sir William Perkins School (O'Donnell)Kingston Grammar School (Merriman)1:582 1/3 lengths1 2/3 lengths
3510:15W.J15.A.4X+75Reading RC (Lazenby)Lady Eleanor Holles Boat Club (Bond)Great Marlow School (Rackshaw)2:062 1/3 lengths1 1/2 lengths
7512:19W.J15.A.4X+ Avon County RC (King)Guildford RC (Markfort)Reading RC (Lazenby)2:021 length1 length
408:39J15.2X27Guildford RC (Bryant)Canford School Boat Club (Cranton/Thomas)Windsor Boys School (Lawson/Adib)1:582 1/2 lengths5 lengths
508:42J15.2X28Star & Arrow Club (Grainge/Barnes)RGS Worcester BC (Hall)Dulwich College (Oakley/Bird)1:544 lengths1 1/2 lengths
608:45J15.2X28Guildford RC (Ingham)LYR Tradesmen (Brown/Phillips)Latymer Upper School (Proudnikov/Xu)1:571 length6 lengths
708:48J15.2X29Kingston Grammar School (Short)RGS Worcester BC (Larkin)Guildford RC (Tregear)1:571/3 lengtheasily
2709:51J15.2X72Guildford RC (Bryant)Kingston Grammar School (Cooper)St George's College BC (Healey)1:561 1/4 lengths2 1/2 lengths
2809:54J15.2X72Star & Arrow Club (Grainge/Barnes)Guildford RC (Ingham)Itchen Imperial (McKenzie/Weatherill)1:533 lengths1 length
2909:57J15.2X72Kingston Grammar School (Short)Henley RC (Seager/O'Connor)St George's College BC (Reid)1:554 lengths4 lengths
7212:10J15.2X Kingston Grammar School (Short)Star & Arrow Club (Grainge/Barnes)Guildford RC (Bryant)1:481 length1/4 length
13715:05W.J17.2X186Emanuel School (Curry/Laughton)Sydenham High School (Quist/Angel)Sir William Borlase's Grammar School (Winter)2:084 lengths5 lengths
13815:08W.J17.2X186Avon County RC (Baker-Johnson/Fraser)Great Marlow School (De Winnaar/Armes)Putney High School RC (Bacon/Gonzalez)2:031 1/2 lengthsRow Over
18617:46W.J17.2X Avon County RC (Baker-Johnson/Fraser)Emanuel School (Curry/Laughton)Sir William Borlase's Grammar School (Chinn)2:064 lengths1/2 length
108:30W.J14.2X23Guildford RC (Oakey)Wallingford RC (Davis)Emanuel School (Gordon/Burnett)2:182 lengths1/2 length
208:33W.J14.2X24Guildford RC (Morland)LYR Tradesmen (Lee)LYR Tradesmen (Hunt)2:185 lengths2 lengths
308:36W.J14.2X25Henley RC (Collings/Gummer)Mossbourne Rowing Academy (Smerdon)Wallingford RC (Blomfield)2:201 1/2 lengths4 1/2 lengths
2309:39W.J14.2X70Reading RC (Threlfall/Lazenby)Guildford RC (Oakey)Mossbourne Rowing Academy (Davis)2:151 1/4 lengths2 1/2 lengths
2409:42W.J14.2X70Guildford RC (Morland)Shiplake Vikings RC (Staines/Smith)Avon County RC (Kirk/Clements)2:124 lengths1/3 length
2509:45W.J14.2X70Henley RC (Collings/Gummer)Putney High School RC (Scowen/Patton)Kingston Grammar School (Farrer/Lacey)2:141 foot1 length
7012:04W.J14.2X Guildford RC (Morland)Reading RC (Threlfall/Lazenby)Henley RC (Collings/Gummer)2:092 lengths3 feet