Thames Valley Park Regatta

Sunday 24th June 2018

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Results for Wycliffe College BC

RaceTimeStatusNext RaceWinnerSecondThirdTimeVerdict 1:2Verdict 2:3
10613:22J15.B.4X+131Wycliffe College BC (Taylor)Dulwich College (Shirgaokar)Claires Court School BC (Wilson)1:561 1/2 lengths1 1/2 lengths
10713:25J15.B.4X+132St George's College BC (Crewe)Dulwich College (Alekseyev)Claires Court School BC (Basra)1:572 1/2 lengthsRow Over
10813:28J15.B.4X+133Wycliffe College BC (Harris)Mossbourne Rowing Academy (Hose)LYR Tradesmen (Scanlan)1:591/2 lengthRow Over
13114:44J15.B.4X+184Wycliffe College BC (Taylor)Fulham Reach RC (Lobo)Canford School Boat Club (Smith)1:571 1/2 lengths1/2 length
13214:47J15.B.4X+184St George's College BC (Crewe)St George's College BC (Kerr)Kings School Rochester BC (B)1:563/4 lengtheasily
13314:50J15.B.4X+184Windsor Boys School (Lawson)Reading RC (Deas)Wycliffe College BC (Harris)1:531 1/2 lengths1 length
18417:40J15.B.4X+ Windsor Boys School (Lawson)St George's College BC (Crewe)Wycliffe College BC (Taylor)NTT1 1/4 lengths5 lengths
6411:43J16.1X87Windsor Boys School (Walker)Dulwich College (Kuijlaars)Guildford RC (Wells)2:041/2 lengthRow Over
6511:46J16.1X87Bryanston School BC (Pollock)Canford School Boat Club (Bird)Mossbourne Rowing Academy (Dyer-Reeves)1:581 length2 lengths
6611:49J16.1X87Windsor Boys School (Van Gelderen)Star & Arrow Club (Sharp)Bryanston School BC (Shakespeare)1:571 length3 lengths
8712:55J16.1X Windsor Boys School (Van Gelderen)Bryanston School BC (Pollock)Windsor Boys School (Walker)NTT3/4 length2 1/2 lengths
6711:52W.J17.1X88Twickenham RC (Gordon)Pangbourne College BC (Lewis)Bryanston School BC (Roe)2:145 lengthsRow Over
8812:58W.J17.1X Wycliffe College BC (Purkess)Twickenham RC (Gordon)Twickenham RC (Habbel)2:141 lengtheasily
15716:14W.J16.1X194Wallingford RC (Wilkinson)Twickenham RC (O'Connor)Guildford RC (Stevenson)2:191 length2 lengths
15816:17W.J16.1X194Reading RC (Paterson)Latymer Upper School (Scheske)Wallingford RC (Laitt)2:212 lengths4 lengths
15916:20W.J16.1X194Wycliffe College BC (Weaver)Emanuel School (Polak)Latymer Upper School (Krivdina)2:102 lengths4 lengths
19418:12W.J16.1X Wycliffe College BC (Weaver)Wallingford RC (Wilkinson)Reading RC (Paterson)2:104 lengths1/2 length