Twickenham Regatta

Saturday 25th May 2019

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RaceTimeStatusNext Race Middlesex SurreyTimeVerdict
110:00B2.W.4+18PTR(221) Putney Town RC (Cerasuolo)UWK(222) Warwick UniversityNTT2 lengths
1010:02Mas.C.4+26KRC(208) Kingston Rowing ClubTWK(209) Twickenham RCNTTeasily
210:03B1.W.4+19MAR(212) Marlow RCUEA(213) University of East Anglia3:525 lengths
310:07B1.W.4+20TWK(216) Twickenham RCRDG(217) Reading RC (Papavergos)NTT2 1/2 lengths
410:10W.4X21KRC(242) Kingston Rowing Club (Boruvka)TWK(243) Twickenham RC4:07easily
510:14W.4X22MAA(245) Mortlake Anglian & Alpha BCRDG(246) Reading RCNTTeasily
610:17W.4X22KRC(247) Kingston Rowing Club (Carrington)ARD(248) Ardingly Rowing ClubNTTRow Over
710:21Op.4+23UEA(200) University of East AngliaUKE(201) University of KentNTTRow Over
810:24Op.4+24RDG(204) Reading RCQBC(205) Quintin BCNTTeasily
910:28Mas.C.4+26RDG(206) Reading RCETX(207) Eton Excelsior RCNTTRow Over
1210:38Mas.F.4X30PTR(236) Putney Town RCMAV(237) Maidstone Invicta RC4:054 lengths
1310:42Mas.F.4X30ARD(238) Ardingly Rowing ClubTRC(239) Thames RC3:184 lengths
1410:45Mas.E.4X31BRX(234) Broxbourne RCETX(235) Eton Excelsior RC3:223 lengths
1510:49Mas.D.4X32TKC(229) Team KeaneKRC(230) Kingston Rowing ClubNTT2 1/2 lengths
1610:52Mas.D.4X32BEB(231) Bewl Bridge RCTWK(232) Twickenham RC3:293 lengths
1710:56B2.W.4+36PTR(218) Putney Town RC (Fagunwa)STN(219) Staines BC (Giles)4:24easily
1810:59B2.W.4+36RDG(220) Reading RC (Robson)PTR(221) Putney Town RC (Cerasuolo)4:192 lengths
1911:03B1.W.4+37MAR(212) Marlow RCRDG(214) Reading RC (Austin)3:432 1/2 lengths
2011:06B1.W.4+37STN(215) Staines BC (Warren)RDG(217) Reading RC (Papavergos)3:562 lengths
2611:08Mas.C.4+ RDG(206) Reading RCKRC(208) Kingston Rowing ClubNTT3/4 length
2111:10W.4X38TWK(243) Twickenham RCMHD(244) Maidenhead RCNTT5 lengths
2211:13W.4X38MAA(245) Mortlake Anglian & Alpha BCKRC(247) Kingston Rowing Club (Carrington)3:41easily
2311:17Op.4+39UEA(200) University of East AngliaTWK(202) Twickenham RC (De Conto)NTTeasily
2411:20Op.4+39TWK(203) Twickenham RC (Fitzgerald)QBC(205) Quintin BC3:242 lengths
2711:31W.J18.1X TWK(252) Twickenham RCARD(253) Ardingly Rowing Club4:06easily
2811:34W.Mas.E.4X MAA(249) Mortlake Anglian & Alpha BCTWK(250) Twickenham RCNTT2 lengths
2911:38Mas.G.4X MAA(240) Mortlake Anglian & Alpha BCGUI(241) Guildford RC3:502 lengths
3011:41Mas.F.4X MAV(237) Maidstone Invicta RCARD(238) Ardingly Rowing Club3:331 1/2 lengths
3111:45Mas.E.4X PTR(233) Putney Town RCBRX(234) Broxbourne RCNTT3 1/2 lengths
3211:48Mas.D.4X KRC(230) Kingston Rowing ClubBEB(231) Bewl Bridge RCNTT3 1/2 lengths
3311:52W.Mas.E.4- PTR(227) Putney Town RCARD(228) Ardingly Rowing Club4:054 lengths
3411:55Mas.E.4- TSS(223) Tideway Scullers SchoolPTR(224) Putney Town RCNTTRow Over
14511:57W.J15.2X ARD(352) Ardingly Rowing ClubTWK(353) Twickenham RC4:11Easily
3511:59W.4- PTR(225) Putney Town RCTWK(226) Twickenham RCNTT4 lengths
3612:02B2.W.4+ STN(219) Staines BC (Giles)PTR(221) Putney Town RC (Cerasuolo)NTT3 lengths
3712:06B1.W.4+ MAR(212) Marlow RCSTN(215) Staines BC (Warren)NTT3 lengths
3812:09W.4X MHD(244) Maidenhead RCMAA(245) Mortlake Anglian & Alpha BC3:412 1/2 lengths
3912:13Op.4+ UEA(200) University of East AngliaQBC(205) Quintin BC3:153 lengths
2512:15Mas.EF.4+ RDG(210) Reading RC (=E)ABN(211) Abingdon RC (=F)3:374 lengths
10113:15Mx.ADA.AR3-PD.Sup.2X MAR(354) Marlow RCCUR(355) Curlew RC  
10213:18B2.W.1X120ARD(384) Ardingly Rowing Club (Donaldson)PTR(385) Putney Town RCNTTEasily
10313:22B2.W.1X121LRC(387) London RCRDG(388) Reading RC (Chenje)4:211 length
10413:25B2.W.1X121TWK(389) Twickenham RC (Harmer)ARD(390) Ardingly Rowing Club (Feakes)4:38Easily
10513:29B1.W.1X122RDG(378) Reading RC (Dixon)TWK(379) Twickenham RC (Greenfield)4:043/4 length
10613:32B1.W.1X123MAR(382) Marlow RCTWK(383) Twickenham RC (Jones)NTTRow Over
10713:36Mas.DE.1X124KRC(362) Kingston Rowing Club (=E)TSS(363) Tideway Scullers School (Bridger =E)NTT1 length
10813:39Mas.DE.1X125TSS(366) Tideway Scullers School (Earnshaw =E)PTR(367) Putney Town RC (=E)NTT1 foot
10913:43Op.1X126TWK(356) Twickenham RC (King)KRC(357) Kingston Rowing Club3:483 lengths
11013:46Op.1X127TWK(360) Twickenham RC (Fitzgerald)QBC(361) Quintin BC3:59Easily
11113:50B1.W.2X131PTR(340) Putney Town RC (Carboo/Shepherd)MAR(341) Marlow RC (Readman-Bell/Dudley)4:07Easily
11213:53B2.W.8+132SPC(312) St Peter's CollegeKRC(313) Kingston Rowing Club3:42Easily
11313:57B2.W.8+133PTR(315) Putney Town RC (Levene)RDG(316) Reading RCNTTEasily
11414:00B2.W.8+133TWK(317) Twickenham RC (Ansell)UWK(318) Warwick University3:49Easily
11614:07Mas.GH.1X153PTR(370) Putney Town RC (=G)BTC(371) BTC Southampton (=H)NTT4 lengths
11714:11Mas.GH.1X153MBC(372) Molesey BC (=G)RDG(373) Reading RC (=G)4:205 lengths
11814:14W.Mas.EF.2X156TWK(348) Twickenham RC (Hurley =F)MAA(349) Mortlake Anglian & Alpha BC (=F)4:164 1/2 lengths
11914:18W.Mas.EF.2X156TWK(350) Twickenham RC (Almond =F)ARD(351) Ardingly Rowing Club (=E)NTTRow Over
12014:21B2.W.1X151ARD(384) Ardingly Rowing Club (Donaldson)TWK(386) Twickenham RC (Granacher)NTTEasily
12114:25B2.W.1X151RDG(388) Reading RC (Chenje)ARD(390) Ardingly Rowing Club (Feakes)4:282 lengths
12214:28B1.W.1X152TWK(379) Twickenham RC (Greenfield)TWK(380) Twickenham RC (Iannazzo)NTT4 lengths
12314:32B1.W.1X152TWK(381) Twickenham RC (Tallis)MAR(382) Marlow RC4:094 lengths
12414:35Mas.DE.1X154TSS(363) Tideway Scullers School (Bridger =E)FUL(364) Fulham Reach RC (=E)NTT3 lengths
12514:39Mas.DE.1X154TSS(365) Tideway Scullers School (Supple =D)PTR(367) Putney Town RC (=E)4:232 lengths
12614:42Op.1X155KRC(357) Kingston Rowing ClubTWK(358) Twickenham RC (Quitmann)NTTEasily
12714:46Op.1X155RDG(359) Reading RCQBC(361) Quintin BC3:483 lengths
12814:49B2.W.2X157UEA(342) University of East AngliaPTR(343) Putney Town RC (Kuricova/Pontes de Freitas)4:144 1/2 lengths
12914:53B2.W.2X157KRC(344) Kingston Rowing ClubUTC(345) Upper Thames RC4:03Easily
13014:56B1.W.2X158BTC(337) BTC SouthamptonMAR(338) Marlow RC (Boddy/Shaw)NTT1/2 length
13115:00B1.W.2X158TWK(339) Twickenham RCPTR(340) Putney Town RC (Carboo/Shepherd)4:043 1/2 lengths
13215:03B2.W.8+164SPC(312) St Peter's CollegeTWK(314) Twickenham RC (Edwards)3:362 lengths
13315:07B2.W.8+164RDG(316) Reading RCUWK(318) Warwick University3:402 lengths
13415:10B1.W.8+165PTR(308) Putney Town RC (Nash)MAA(309) Mortlake Anglian & Alpha BCNTTRow Over
13515:14B1.W.8+165PTR(310) Putney Town RC (Bevan)BBL(311) Barnes Bridge Ladies RCNTT2 lengths
13615:17Mas.E.2X159ARD(331) Ardingly Rowing ClubABN(332) Abingdon RC3:342 lengths
13715:21Mas.D.2X160BEB(325) Bewl Bridge RC (McLean)TKC(326) Team Keane3:584 lengths
13815:24Mas.D.2X160BEB(328) Bewl Bridge RC (Long)TWK(329) Twickenham RC3:57easily
13915:28Op.2X161VRC(321) Vesta RCKRC(322) Kingston Rowing Club4:014 lengths
14015:31Op.2X161UEA(323) University of East AngliaTWK(324) Twickenham RCNTTRow Over
14115:35Mas.F.8+163TWK(304) Twickenham RCMAA/TTR(305) MAA/TTR3:241 1/4 lengths
14215:38Mas.F.8+163BRX(306) Broxbourne RCPTR(307) Putney Town RCNTT2 lengths
14315:42W.2- RDG(319) Reading RCUKE(320) University of KentNTTRow Over
16915:45Mas.GH.2X167GUI(391) Guildford RC (Woowat =G)TRC(392) Thames RC (=G)4:022 lengths
14615:52Mas.F.2X ARD(333) Ardingly Rowing ClubVRC(334) Vesta RC3:515 lengths
14715:56W.Mas.CD.2X MHD(346) Maidenhead RC (=C)ARD(347) Ardingly Rowing Club (=D)4:074 lengths
14815:59Mas.F.1X MHD(368) Maidenhead RCMBC(369) Molesey BC4:07easily
14916:03J16.1X ARD(374) Ardingly Rowing ClubTWK(375) Twickenham RC3:513 lengths
16216:05Mas.CD.8+ RDG(302) Reading RC (=D)KRC(303) Kingston Rowing Club (=C)3:311 1/3 lengths
15016:06J15.1X ITC(376) Itchen Imperial (Thorne)ITC(377) Itchen Imperial (Taylor)  
15116:10B2.W.1X ARD(384) Ardingly Rowing Club (Donaldson)RDG(388) Reading RC (Chenje)4:293 1/2 lengths
15216:13B1.W.1X TWK(379) Twickenham RC (Greenfield)TWK(381) Twickenham RC (Tallis)4:10easily
15316:17Mas.GH.1X BTC(371) BTC Southampton (=H)MBC(372) Molesey BC (=G)NTTeasily
15416:20Mas.DE.1X TSS(363) Tideway Scullers School (Bridger =E)PTR(367) Putney Town RC (=E)4:055 lengths
15516:24Op.1X TWK(358) Twickenham RC (Quitmann)RDG(359) Reading RC3:362 lengths
15616:27W.Mas.EF.2X TWK(348) Twickenham RC (Hurley =F)ARD(351) Ardingly Rowing Club (=E)4:222 1/2 lengths
15716:31B2.W.2X UEA(342) University of East AngliaKRC(344) Kingston Rowing Club4:022 lengths
15816:34B1.W.2X MAR(338) Marlow RC (Boddy/Shaw)PTR(340) Putney Town RC (Carboo/Shepherd)4:014 lengths
15916:38Mas.E.2X TKC(330) Team KeaneABN(332) Abingdon RC3:55Easily
16016:41Mas.D.2X BEB(325) Bewl Bridge RC (McLean)BEB(328) Bewl Bridge RC (Long)3:342 lengths
16116:45Op.2X KRC(322) Kingston Rowing ClubUEA(323) University of East Anglia3:445 1/2 lengths
16716:48Mas.GH.2X GUI(336) Guildford RC (Hall =H)TRC(392) Thames RC (=G)4:011 length
16316:52Mas.F.8+ MAA/TTR(305) MAA/TTRBRX(306) Broxbourne RC3:131 length
16416:55B2.W.8+ SPC(312) St Peter's CollegeRDG(316) Reading RC3:312/3 length
16516:59B1.W.8+ MAA(309) Mortlake Anglian & Alpha BCPTR(310) Putney Town RC (Bevan)3:212/3 length
16617:02Op.8+ QBC(300) Quintin BCUEA(301) University of East Anglia3:002 lengths