Walton and Weybridge Regatta

Saturday 8th June 2019

Draw for Surbiton High School

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RaceTimeEventStatusNext Race Middlesex Surrey
25618:2728W.8+ SBT(201) Surbiton High SchoolRDG(202) Reading RC  
25518:2330W.J14.8X SBT(206) Surbiton High SchoolLEH(207) Lady Eleanor Holles Boat Club  
6811:252W.4+107SBT(6) Surbiton High SchoolRDG(7) Reading RC (Austin)  
10713:012W.4+ RDG(5) Reading RC (Papavergos)Winner of Race 68  
16114:2432W.J15.4+209WEY(211) WeybridgeSBT(212) Surbiton High School  
16214:2732W.J15.4+210WHS(215) Wimbledon High SchoolLEH(216) Lady Eleanor Holles Boat Club  
20916:2132W.J15.4+244SBT(212) Surbiton High SchoolLEA(213) Lea Rowing Club  
21016:2432W.J15.4+244STN(214) Staines BCWHS(215) Wimbledon High School  
24417:5332W.J15.4+ Winner of Race 209WHS(215) Wimbledon High School  
908:5412Thames.W.J14.4X+58SBT(41) Surbiton High School (Alexander)LEH(42) Lady Eleanor Holles Boat Club (Attwood)  
1008:5812Thames.W.J14.4X+58BAE(43) Barn Elms RCLEA(44) Lea Rowing Club  
1109:0212Thames.W.J14.4X+59LEH(45) Lady Eleanor Holles Boat Club (Crocker)KRC(46) Kingston Rowing Club (Parkins-Godwin)  
1209:0612Thames.W.J14.4X+59GUI(47) Guildford RC (Wells)SBT(48) Surbiton High School (Jones)  
5810:5112Thames.W.J14.4X+101Winner of Race 9Winner of Race 10  
5910:5512Thames.W.J14.4X+101Winner of Race 11Winner of Race 12  
10112:4212Thames.W.J14.4X+ Winner of Race 58Winner of Race 59  
16914:4250W.J14.2X215SBT(291) Surbiton High SchoolLEH(292) Lady Eleanor Holles Boat Club  
17014:4450W.J14.2X215RDG(293) Reading RCWEY(294) Weybridge  
17114:4650W.J14.2X216STN(295) Staines BCBAE(296) Barn Elms RC  
17214:4850W.J14.2X216WHS(297) Wimbledon High School (Frediani)KRC(298) Kingston Rowing Club  
21516:3550W.J14.2X247Winner of Race 169Winner of Race 170  
21616:3750W.J14.2X247Winner of Race 171KRC(298) Kingston Rowing Club  
24718:0050W.J14.2X Winner of Race 215Winner of Race 216  
15214:0455Thames.W.J15.1X189WEY(325) Weybridge (E Pauwels)RDG(326) Reading RC (M Thaw)  
15314:0655Thames.W.J15.1X190RDG(329) Reading RC (S Maleham)GUI(330) Guildford RC (R Boddington)  
18915:3055Thames.W.J15.1X229Winner of Race 152GUI(327) Guildford RC (F Morland)  
19015:3255Thames.W.J15.1X229SBT(328) Surbiton High School (E Haynes)Winner of Race 153  
22917:1355Thames.W.J15.1X Winner of Race 189Winner of Race 190