Walton and Weybridge Regatta

Saturday 8th June 2019

Draw for St George's College BC

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RaceTimeEventStatusNext Race Middlesex Surrey
7811:511Op.4+116SGC(1) St George's College BC (Lees)TWK(2) Twickenham RC  
7911:541Op.4+116SGC(3) St George's College BC (Harrison)WLT(4) Walton  
11613:251Op.4+ Winner of Race 78Winner of Race 79  
7711:483Op.4-115SGC(9) St George's College BCWLT(10) Walton  
11513:223Op.4- GUI(8) Guildford RCWinner of Race 77  
11413:195J16.4X STN(15) Staines BCSGC(16) St George's College BC  
1409:1410Thames.J14.4X+62KRC(30) Kingston Rowing ClubSGC(31) St George's College BC (Lepone)  
1509:1810Thames.J14.4X+63SGC(34) St George's College BC (Von Speyr)GUI(35) Guildford RC (Hanin)  
6211:0710Thames.J14.4X+103Winner of Race 14GUI(32) Guildford RC (Summerfield)  
6311:1110Thames.J14.4X+103MGN(33) Magdalen College School BCWinner of Race 15  
10312:5010Thames.J14.4X+ Winner of Race 62Winner of Race 63  
1309:1011Wey.J14.4X+61SGC(39) St George's College BC (Michaelides)WBS(40) Windsor Boys School (Leeson)  
6010:5911Wey.J14.4X+102WBS(36) Windsor Boys School (Cook)SGC(37) St George's College BC (Wareham)  
6111:0311Wey.J14.4X+102WGT(38) Whitgift School BCWinner of Race 13  
10212:4611Wey.J14.4X+ Winner of Race 60Winner of Race 61  
508:3813Wey.W.J14.4X+56WLT(49) WaltonSGC(50) St George's College BC (Skinner)  
608:4213Wey.W.J14.4X+56GUI(51) Guildford RC (Cameron)LEH(52) Lady Eleanor Holles Boat Club (Kroijer)  
708:4613Wey.W.J14.4X+57ETX(53) Eton Excelsior RCSGC(54) St George's College BC (Scott)  
808:5013Wey.W.J14.4X+57WEY(55) WeybridgeKRC(56) Kingston Rowing Club (Greiner)  
5610:4313Wey.W.J14.4X+100Winner of Race 5Winner of Race 6  
5710:4713Wey.W.J14.4X+100Winner of Race 7Winner of Race 8  
10012:3813Wey.W.J14.4X+ Winner of Race 56Winner of Race 57  
4510:2115J15.2X93SGC(64) St George's College BCMGN(65) Magdalen College School BC  
4610:2315J15.2X93WGT(66) Whitgift School BCABN(67) Abingdon RC  
4710:2515J15.2X94CHR(68) Christchurch RCCHH(69) Charterhouse BC  
4810:2715J15.2X94WLT(70) WaltonBUR(71) Burway RC  
9312:2315J15.2X109Winner of Race 45Winner of Race 46  
9412:2515J15.2X109Winner of Race 47Winner of Race 48  
10913:0615J15.2X Winner of Race 93Winner of Race 94  
4210:1517W.J18.2X89GRD/STN(77) GRD/STNETX(78) Eton Excelsior RC  
4310:1717W.J18.2X90SGC(81) St George's College BCMHD(82) Maidenhead RC  
8912:1517W.J18.2X121Winner of Race 42RDG(79) Reading RC  
9012:1717W.J18.2X121WLT(80) WaltonWinner of Race 43  
12113:3617W.J18.2X Winner of Race 89Winner of Race 90  
108:3020Op.1X21WEY(94) Weybridge (T Johnson)WBK(95) Walbrook (D Gallagher)0:29 
208:3220Op.1X24WLT(102) Walton (C Knill)WEY(103) Weybridge (J Benton)0:36 
2109:3220Op.1X71WEY(94) Weybridge (T Johnson)WLT(96) Walton (J Swedlow)  
2209:3420Op.1X71WLT(97) Walton (N George)WEY(98) Weybridge (S Pauwels)  
2309:3620Op.1X72CHR(99) Christchurch RC (S Hewitt)WEY(100) Weybridge (L McLeod)  
2409:3820Op.1X72SGC(101) St George's College BC (H Flowerdew)WEY(103) Weybridge (J Benton)  
7111:3220Op.1X110Winner of Race 21Winner of Race 22  
7211:3420Op.1X110Winner of Race 23Winner of Race 24  
11013:0820Op.1X Winner of Race 71Winner of Race 72  
308:3423Wey.J16.1X53CHR(117) Christchurch RC (B Ingrem)WEY(118) Weybridge (C McNulty)1:02 
5210:3523Wey.J16.1X98SGC(114) St George's College BC (M Gover)WEY(115) Weybridge (O Smith)  
5310:3723Wey.J16.1X98KRC(116) Kingston Rowing Club (L Bryan)WEY(118) Weybridge (C McNulty)  
9812:3423Wey.J16.1X Winner of Race 52Winner of Race 53  
3409:5924J14.1X84SGC(119) St George's College BC (A Clinton)SGC(120) St George's College BC (S Croft)  
3510:0124J14.1X84BCS(121) Bournemouth Collegiate (M Pitman)RDG(122) Reading RC (G Hutchins)  
3610:0324J14.1X85NCR(123) Notts County Rowing Association (B Richards)SGC(124) St George's College BC (T Bailey)  
3710:0524J14.1X85WLT(125) Walton (H Zeghibe)WEY(126) Weybridge (J Manzi)  
8412:0524J14.1X119SGC(119) St George's College BC (A Clinton)Winner of Race 35  
8512:0724J14.1X119Winner of Race 36Winner of Race 37  
11913:3224J14.1X Winner of Race 84Winner of Race 85  
2609:4327W.J14.1X80RDG(143) Reading RC (S Lazenby)WHS(144) Wimbledon High School (Farrell)  
2709:4527W.J14.1X80SGC(145) St George's College BC (O Moczarski)GUI(146) Guildford RC (E Young)  
2809:4727W.J14.1X81RDG(147) Reading RC (O Threlfall)LEH(148) Lady Eleanor Holles Boat Club (A Bhosale)  
2909:4927W.J14.1X81SGC(149) St George's College BC (J Halliday)BCS(150) Bournemouth Collegiate (M Grainger)  
8011:5727W.J14.1X117RDG(143) Reading RC (S Lazenby)Winner of Race 27  
8111:5927W.J14.1X117Winner of Race 28Winner of Race 29  
11713:2827W.J14.1X Winner of Race 80Winner of Race 81