Bedford Amateur Regatta

Saturday 9th May 2015

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Results for Auriol Kensington

RaceTimeStatusNext Race(s) Enclosure TownTimeVerdict
2709:13W.IM3.8+126LEH(101) Lady Eleanor Holles Boat ClubLEA(102) Lea Rowing ClubNTTRow Over
2609:11W.IM3.8+129AKN(104) Auriol KensingtonMAG(105) Magdalen College, Oxford3:592 lengths
2809:18W.IM3.8+118BGS(108) Bedford Girls SchoolLIC(109) Lincoln College BC3:533 lengths
3009:23W.IM3.8+130SES(111) St Edward's SchoolZEZ(112) South African Schools (Hancock)4:032 lengths
12613:13W.IM3.8+207LEA(102) Lea Rowing ClubCCO(103) Christ`s College BC3:584 lengths
12913:22W.IM3.8+207MAG(105) Magdalen College, OxfordZEZ(106) South African Schools (Venske)3:504 1/2 lengths
11812:55W.IM3.8+209CHA(107) Champion of the ThamesLIC(109) Lincoln College BC4:055 lengths
13013:24W.IM3.8+209UCO(110) University College, OxfordZEZ(112) South African Schools (Hancock)3:572 1/2 lengths
20716:37W.IM3.8+264CCO(103) Christ`s College BCZEZ(106) South African Schools (Venske)3:502 1/2 lengths
20916:42W.IM3.8+264LIC(109) Lincoln College BCUCO(110) University College, Oxford3:551 1/2 lengths
26419:07W.IM3.8+ ZEZ(106) South African Schools (Venske)UCO(110) University College, Oxford3:511 length
9912:07IM2.4+190AKN(156) Auriol KensingtonUWK(157) Warwick University (West)3:522 lengths
18315:34IM2.4+249RAD(153) Radley CollegeUWK(154) Warwick University (Maus)3:383 lengths
19015:53IM2.4+249KRC(155) Kingston Rowing ClubUWK(157) Warwick University (West)3:513 1/2 lengths
24918:25IM2.4+ UWK(154) Warwick University (Maus)KRC(155) Kingston Rowing Club3:32easily
8711:39IM3.Club.4+180LEA(169) Lea Rowing ClubCHA(170) Champion of the Thames4:134 lengths
18515:40IM3.Club.4+247CAB(166) Cantabrigian RCAKN(167) Auriol Kensington4:09a canvas
18015:27IM3.Club.4+247STA(168) Star ClubLEA(169) Lea Rowing Club4:12easily
24718:20IM3.Club.4+ CAB(166) Cantabrigian RCLEA(169) Lea Rowing Club4:04easily
8611:36NOV.4+172NSC(171) Norwich School (Scarrow)AKN(172) Auriol Kensington3:521/2 length
8011:23NOV.4+173BDS(174) Bedford SchoolNSC(175) Norwich School (Stevens)4:004 lengths
8911:43NOV.4+173CHE(176) Cheltenham CollegeABS(177) Abingdon School4:021 1/2 lengths
17215:07NOV.4+246AKN(172) Auriol KensingtonCHA(173) Champion of the Thames4:03easily
17315:09NOV.4+246NSC(175) Norwich School (Stevens)ABS(177) Abingdon School3:533 lengths
24618:18NOV.4+ AKN(172) Auriol KensingtonNSC(175) Norwich School (Stevens)3:522 lengths
6210:41W.IM3.4+166BMS(209) Bedford Modern SchoolAKN(210) Auriol Kensington (Hamilton)4:293 1/2 lengths
7611:12W.IM3.4+165UWK(212) Warwick UniversitySWB(213) Sir William Borlase's Grammar School4:52Row Over
6310:44W.IM3.4+165AKN(214) Auriol Kensington (Edwards)LEA(215) Lea Rowing Club (F)4:233 1/2 lengths
16614:54W.IM3.4+241BMS(209) Bedford Modern SchoolLEA(211) Lea Rowing Club (B)4:151 2/36 lengths
16514:52W.IM3.4+241SWB(213) Sir William Borlase's Grammar SchoolAKN(214) Auriol Kensington (Edwards)4:151 3/4 lengths
24118:02W.IM3.4+ BMS(209) Bedford Modern SchoolAKN(214) Auriol Kensington (Edwards)4:151 length