Bedford Amateur Regatta

Saturday 9th May 2015

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Results for Maidstone Invicta RC

RaceTimeStatusNext Race(s)EnclosureTownTimeVerdict
9511:58W.J18.8+193(122) Lady Eleanor Holles Boat Club (Hoyle)(123) South African Schools (Hancock)4:022 1/2 lengths
9612:00W.J18.8+193(124) St Edward's School(125) Maidstone Invicta RC4:102 1/2 lengths
9712:02W.J18.8+194(126) Lady Eleanor Holles Boat Club (Reddish)(127) Bedford Modern School3:572/36 length
9812:05W.J18.8+194(128) South African Schools (Venske)(129) Henley RC3:452 lengths
19316:00W.J18.8+252(123) South African Schools (Hancock)(125) Maidstone Invicta RC4:014 lengths
19416:02W.J18.8+252(126) Lady Eleanor Holles Boat Club (Reddish)(129) Henley RC3:523 lengths
25218:35W.J18.8+ (123) South African Schools (Hancock)(129) Henley RC3:46easily
7511:10W.J15.4+150(236) Great Marlow School(237) Henley RC4:102 1/2 lengths
16314:47W.J15.4+238(233) Maidstone Invicta RC(234) Bedford Modern School4:314 lengths
15014:19W.J15.4+238(235) Cheltenham College(237) Henley RC4:27easily
23817:55W.J15.4+ (234) Bedford Modern School(237) Henley RC4:25easily
408:21J14.4X+48(258) Radley College(259) Hampton School (A)4:062 lengths
308:19J14.4X+74(266) Hampton School (B)(267) Great Marlow School4:25Row Over
4810:08J14.4X+158(258) Radley College(260) Winchester College BC4:031 1/2 lengths
5110:18J14.4X+158(261) Maidstone Invicta RC(262) Windsor Boys School4:22easily
5210:20J14.4X+159(263) St Paul's School(264) Norwich School4:103 lengths
7411:07J14.4X+159(265) Bedford Modern School(267) Great Marlow School4:22easily
15814:37J14.4X+233(258) Radley College(262) Windsor Boys School4:021 length
15914:39J14.4X+233(263) St Paul's School(267) Great Marlow School4:08easily
23317:43J14.4X+ (258) Radley College(263) St Paul's School3:581/2 length
108:15W.J15.4X+39(286) Bedford Girls School (Bryant)(287) Lady Eleanor Holles Boat Club (Matthews)NTTRow Over
608:25W.J15.4X+46(294) Lady Eleanor Holles Boat Club (Benson)(289) Henley RC (Sarney)NTTRow Over
3909:46W.J15.4X+148(287) Lady Eleanor Holles Boat Club (Matthews)(288) Maidstone Invicta RC4:291 1/2 lengths
4510:02W.J15.4X+148(295) Henley RC (Jonsson)(290) Bedford Girls School (Greene)4:184 lengths
5510:26W.J15.4X+153(291) Great Marlow School(292) Lincoln Rowing Centre4:304 lengths
4610:04W.J15.4X+153(293) Bedford Girls School (Illingworth)(294) Lady Eleanor Holles Boat Club (Benson)4:221 length
14814:12W.J15.4X+229(287) Lady Eleanor Holles Boat Club (Matthews)(295) Henley RC (Jonsson)4:103 1/2 lengths
15314:26W.J15.4X+229(292) Lincoln Rowing Centre(294) Lady Eleanor Holles Boat Club (Benson)4:23easily
22917:33W.J15.4X+ (295) Henley RC (Jonsson)(294) Lady Eleanor Holles Boat Club (Benson)4:12easily
4409:59W.J14.4X+151(299) Maidstone Invicta RC(300) Great Marlow School4:473 lengths
14914:14W.J14.4X+227(296) Bedford Girls School(297) Henley RC4:30easily
15114:21W.J14.4X+227(298) Bedford Modern School(300) Great Marlow School4:44easily
22717:28W.J14.4X+ (297) Henley RC(300) Great Marlow School4:30easily