Cambridge Autumn Regatta

Sunday 12th September 2021

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Results for Churchill College

RaceTimeStatusNext Race Meadow TowpathVerdict
3611:20CRA.Op.8+78SRG(4) St RadegundXPR(5) X Press Boat Club (B)3 feet
7714:04CRA.Op.8+109CAM(1) City of CambridgeXPR(2) X Press Boat Club (A)2 lengths
7814:08CRA.Op.8+109CHU(3) Churchill CollegeXPR(5) X Press Boat Club (B)1 1/2 lengths
10916:12CRA.Op.8+ CAM(1) City of CambridgeXPR(5) X Press Boat Club (B)easily
3711:24CRA.W.8+132XPR(12) X Press Boat Club (A)CHU(13) Churchill College1 1/2 lengths
13217:44CRA.W.8+ XPR(11) X Press Boat Club (B)XPR(12) X Press Boat Club (A)3 lengths
12817:28B1.Op.4+ CHU/HUH(16) CHU/HUHCNN(17) Cambridge '99 RC1/4 length
13914:18B2.Mx.2X104GLB(111) Globe RCCHU(190) Churchill Collegeeasily
8114:20B2.Mx.2X104XPR(112) X Press Boat ClubCAM(113) City of Cambridge3 lengths
10415:52B2.Mx.2X CHU(190) Churchill CollegeCAM(113) City of Cambridge4 lengths