Cambridge Autumn Regatta

Sunday 12th September 2021

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Results for Peterborough City

RaceTimeStatusNext Race Meadow TowpathVerdict
3511:16W.8+69DOW/HUH(9) Downing/Hughes HallPET(10) Peterborough City (Parker)4 lengths
109:00W.8+133FIT(6) Fitzwilliam CollegePET(7) Peterborough City (Darrington)2 1/4 lengths
6913:32W.8+133CAB(8) Cantabrigian RCDOW/HUH(9) Downing/Hughes Hall1 2/3 lengths
13317:48W.8+ PET(7) Peterborough City (Darrington)DOW/HUH(9) Downing/Hughes Hall2 1/2 lengths
409:12W.Mas.E.4+ MIK(28) Milton Keynes RCPET(29) Peterborough City3 lengths
12417:12Sch.4X LCN(32) Lincoln Rowing CentrePET(33) Peterborough City5 lengths
7013:36W.4X SRC(34) Sudbury RCPET(35) Peterborough City3 lengths
5912:52W.J17.4X76PET(41) Peterborough CityGLB(42) Globe RC2 1/2 lengths
7614:00W.J17.4X LCN(40) Lincoln Rowing CentrePET(41) Peterborough City3 lengths
12016:56W.J16.4X136CAB(43) Cantabrigian RC (Pellegrini)PET(44) Peterborough City1 length
13617:56W.J16.4X CAB(189) Cantabrigian RC (Howie)CAB(43) Cantabrigian RC (Pellegrini)3 lengths
6012:56Mx.Mas.AC.4X LBR(45) Loughborough RC (=C)PET(46) Peterborough City (=A)3 lengths
8714:44W.2- PET(54) Peterborough CityLBR(55) Loughborough RC2 lengths
1610:00B2.Op.2X114LBR(59) Loughborough RCGLB(60) Globe RC (Winch/Devile)easily
1710:04B2.Op.2X114NRC(61) Nottingham RCPET(62) Peterborough City3/4 length
11416:32B2.Op.2X LBR(59) Loughborough RCNRC(61) Nottingham RC2 lengths
8514:36Mas.DEF.2X111SRC(63) Sudbury RC (=F)LBR(64) Loughborough RC (=D)4 1/2 lengths
8614:40Mas.DEF.2X111SIV(65) St Ives RC (=F)PET(66) Peterborough City (=E)3/4 length
11116:20Mas.DEF.2X SRC(63) Sudbury RC (=F)SIV(65) St Ives RC (=F)3 1/2 lengths
7113:40J16.2X115PET(72) Peterborough City (Taylor)HUN(73) Huntingdon RC2 lengths
7213:44J16.2X115CAB(74) Cantabrigian RCPET(75) Peterborough City (Garfield)4 1/2 lengths
11516:36J16.2X HUN(73) Huntingdon RCPET(75) Peterborough City (Garfield)a canvas
13017:36J15.2X PET(76) Peterborough CityHUN(77) Huntingdon RC1 1/4 lengths
1810:08W.Mas.AB.2X116SIV(83) St Ives RC (=A)PET(84) Peterborough City (Widdowson =A)3 1/2 lengths
11616:40W.Mas.AB.2X PET(82) Peterborough City (Singleton =B)SIV(83) St Ives RC (=A)1 3/4 lengths
10716:04W.Mas.FG.2X WBK(89) Walbrook RC (=G)PET(90) Peterborough City (=F)4 lengths
6713:24W.J18.2X106NRC(91) Nottingham RCMIK(92) Milton Keynes RC2 1/4 lengths
6813:28W.J18.2X106LBR(93) Loughborough RCPET(95) Peterborough City3 lengths
10616:00W.J18.2X NRC(91) Nottingham RCLBR(93) Loughborough RC2/3 length
209:04W.J16.2X80PET(100) Peterborough City (Tasker)GLB(101) Globe RC2 1/2 lengths
309:08W.J16.2X80PET(102) Peterborough City (Bicknell)LBR(103) Loughborough RC4 lengths
8014:16W.J16.2X PET(100) Peterborough City (Tasker)PET(102) Peterborough City (Bicknell)1 length
2810:48W.J15.2X58CAB(107) Cantabrigian RCGLB(108) Globe RCeasily
5712:44W.J15.2X105NRC(104) Nottingham RCPET(105) Peterborough City4 1/2 lengths
5812:48W.J15.2X105HUN(106) Huntingdon RCCAB(107) Cantabrigian RCDNS
10515:56W.J15.2X PET(105) Peterborough CityCAB(107) Cantabrigian RC4 1/2 lengths
8814:48Mas.GI.1X CAM(131) City of Cambridge (=G)PET(132) Peterborough City (=I)4 lengths
809:28J17.1X49SRC(138) Sudbury RCPET(139) Peterborough City (Jones)4 lengths
909:32J17.1X50PET(142) Peterborough City (Moorfoot)GLB(143) Globe RC5 lengths
4912:12J17.1X89SRC(138) Sudbury RCNRC(140) Nottingham RCeasily
5012:16J17.1X89PET(141) Peterborough City (Wakefield-Lilley)GLB(143) Globe RC5 lengths
8914:52J17.1X SRC(138) Sudbury RCPET(141) Peterborough City (Wakefield-Lilley)1 length
1309:48J16.1X51IEL(144) Isle of Ely BCHUN(145) Huntingdon RC (Pigg)1 1/2 lengths
1409:52J16.1X52GLB(147) Globe RCHUN(148) Huntingdon RC (Ray)2 lengths
1509:56J16.1X52CAB(149) Cantabrigian RCPET(150) Peterborough City (Ryder)2 lengths
5112:20J16.1X92HUN(145) Huntingdon RC (Pigg)PET(146) Peterborough City (Papworth)3 lengths
5212:24J16.1X92GLB(147) Globe RCCAB(149) Cantabrigian RC3/4 length
9215:04J16.1X PET(146) Peterborough City (Papworth)GLB(147) Globe RC3 lengths
3010:56J15.1X73LCN(151) Lincoln Rowing CentreLBR(152) Loughborough RCeasily
3111:00J15.1X73NRC(153) Nottingham RCPET(154) Peterborough Cityeasily
7313:48J15.1X LCN(151) Lincoln Rowing CentrePET(154) Peterborough City1 1/2 lengths
2110:20W.1X47SRC(157) Sudbury RC (Brown)GLB(158) Globe RC (Fokidou)easily
2210:24W.1X48GLB(160) Globe RC (Pringle)PET(161) Peterborough City1 length
2310:28W.1X48SRC(162) Sudbury RC (Maskell)GLB(163) Globe RC (Surendra-Pai)4 lengths
4712:04W.1X98GLB(158) Globe RC (Fokidou)LBR(159) Loughborough RC2 1/2 lengths
4812:08W.1X98PET(161) Peterborough CitySRC(162) Sudbury RC (Maskell)2 lengths
9815:28W.1X LBR(159) Loughborough RCPET(161) Peterborough Cityeasily
4411:52W.J17.1X95LCN(172) Lincoln Rowing CentreLER(174) Leicester RC3 1/2 lengths
1111:48W.J17.1X95IEL(175) Isle of Ely BCPET(176) Peterborough City2 lengths
9515:16W.J17.1X LCN(172) Lincoln Rowing CentrePET(176) Peterborough City1 1/4 lengths