Henley Town & Visitors Regatta

Saturday 31st July 2021

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Results for Southampton University

RaceTimeStatusNext RaceBucksBerksVerdict
11412:37B2.Op.8+147(210) Monmouth School BC(211) Marlow RC1 3/4 lengths
11512:40B2.Op.8+149(214) Upper Thames RC (Jacobs)(215) Radley College BC3 1/2 lengths
14714:25B2.Op.8+169(210) Monmouth School BC(213) Southampton University1/2 length
14914:31B2.Op.8+169(212) Old Monmothians RC(215) Radley College BC2 lengths
16915:40B2.Op.8+ (210) Monmouth School BC(215) Radley College BC4 lengths
1309:49B2.Op.4+33(7) Reading RC(8) Royal Air Force RC (Keeping)Row Over
1409:52B2.Op.4+33(9) Leeds University(10) St Edmund Hall, Oxfordeasily
1509:55B2.Op.4+34(11) Twickenham RC(12) Southampton University4 1/2 lengths
1609:58B2.Op.4+34(13) Royal Air Force RC (Bunting)(14) Wolfson College, Oxford1/3 length
3310:55B2.Op.4+43(8) Royal Air Force RC (Keeping)(10) St Edmund Hall, Oxford1 1/4 lengths
3410:58B2.Op.4+43(12) Southampton University(13) Royal Air Force RC (Bunting)4 lengths
4311:28B2.Op.4+ (8) Royal Air Force RC (Keeping)(12) Southampton University1 length