Henley Town & Visitors Regatta

Saturday 31st July 2021

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Results for Sir William Borlase's Grammar School

RaceTimeStatusNext RaceBucksBerksVerdict
10111:55B3.Op.8+122(216) University College London(217) Sir William Borlase's Grammar School1 1/4 lengths
10211:58B3.Op.8+125(224) Wolfson College, Oxford(225) Twickenham RC (Tallent)1 1/4 lengths
12213:04B3.Op.8+134(216) University College London(218) Twickenham RC (Slabbert)2 1/2 lengths
12313:07B3.Op.8+134(219) Oxford Academicals RC(220) Minerva Bath RC1 1/2 lengths
12413:10B3.Op.8+135(221) Royal Air Force RC(222) University College, Oxford2 lengths
12513:13B3.Op.8+135(223) London RC (Patten)(225) Twickenham RC (Tallent)3 lengths
13413:43B3.Op.8+167(216) University College London(219) Oxford Academicals RC3/4 length
13513:46B3.Op.8+167(222) University College, Oxford(223) London RC (Patten)1/2 length
16715:34B3.Op.8+ (216) University College London(222) University College, Oxford1/2 length
20316:00B4.W.8+223(324) Wolfson College, Oxford (Fehlig)(325) University College London1 1/2 lengths
22217:03B4.W.8+240(320) Oxford Academicals RC(321) Walton RC2 1/2 lengths
22317:06B4.W.8+240(323) University College, Oxford(324) Wolfson College, Oxford (Fehlig)3 1/2 lengths
24018:03B4.W.8+ (321) Walton RC(324) Wolfson College, Oxford (Fehlig)2 lengths
14114:07J18.4X162(236) Sir William Borlase's Grammar School(237) Leander ClubRow Over
14214:10J18.4X162(238) Wallingford RC(239) Henley RC3/4 length
16215:16J18.4X (236) Sir William Borlase's Grammar School(239) Henley RC3/4 length
10712:13W.J18.4X128(251) Sir William Perkins School(252) Headington School BC2 lengths
10812:16W.J18.4X129(255) Sir William Borlase's Grammar School(256) Tideway Scullers SchoolRow Over
12813:22W.J18.4X166(251) Sir William Perkins School(253) Wallingford RC1 1/2 lengths
12913:25W.J18.4X166(254) St Edward's School BC(256) Tideway Scullers SchoolNot Rowed Out
16615:28W.J18.4X (253) Wallingford RC(254) St Edward's School BC1/2 length