Desborough Dashes

Saturday 22nd May 2021

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Results for Kingston Rowing Club

RaceTimeStatusNext RaceIslandTowpathVerdict
2210:39Mas.CD.4X (3) Weybridge RC (=C)(4) Kingston Rowing Club (=D)4 lengths
10214:33J15.4X+113(111) Walton RC(112) Kingston Rowing Club3 lengths
11215:08J15.4X+121(108) Weybridge RC(109) Guildford RC1 length
11315:12J15.4X+121(110) Molesey BC(111) Walton RC2 1/2 lengths
12115:41J15.4X+ (108) Weybridge RC(111) Walton RC5 lengths
10114:30W.J15.4X+111(120) Surbiton High School (Shi)(121) Sir William Perkins School (Patient)3 lengths
10814:54W.J15.4X+122(113) Kingston Rowing Club(114) Weybridge RC3 lengths
10914:58W.J15.4X+122(115) Surbiton High School (Kadera)(116) Molesey BC (Alexopoulos)3 lengths
11015:01W.J15.4X+123(117) Guildford RC(118) Sir William Perkins School (Sibley)2 1/2 lengths
11115:05W.J15.4X+123(119) Molesey BC (Berkett)(121) Sir William Perkins School (Patient)Not recorded
12215:45W.J15.4X+133(113) Kingston Rowing Club(115) Surbiton High School (Kadera)5 lengths
12315:48W.J15.4X+133(118) Sir William Perkins School (Sibley)(121) Sir William Perkins School (Patient)5 lengths
13316:26W.J15.4X+ (115) Surbiton High School (Kadera)(121) Sir William Perkins School (Patient)a canvas
309:23W.J14.4X+12(17) Wimbledon High School (Tricarico)(18) Kingston Rowing Clubeasily
709:39W.J14.4X+19(14) Guildford RC(15) Wimbledon High School (White)3 lengths
1209:59W.J14.4X+19(16) Walton RC(18) Kingston Rowing Clubeasily
1910:27W.J14.4X+ (15) Wimbledon High School (White)(18) Kingston Rowing Club2 lengths
1810:23Mas.C.2X (19) Walton RC(20) Kingston Rowing Clubeasily
10314:37W.J16.2X117(129) Molesey BC (Frigé)(130) Guildford RC (Toye)2 1/2 lengths
10414:40W.J16.2X117(131) Kingston Rowing Club(132) Guildford RC (Renshaw)Row Over
10514:44W.J16.2X118(133) Sir William Perkins School(134) Walbrook RCRow Over
10614:47W.J16.2X118(135) Molesey BC (Halliday)(136) Guildford RC (Morris)Not Rowed Out
11715:27W.J16.2X130(129) Molesey BC (Frigé)(132) Guildford RC (Renshaw)5 lengths
11815:31W.J16.2X130(133) Sir William Perkins School(136) Guildford RC (Morris)1 length
13016:16W.J16.2X (132) Guildford RC (Renshaw)(136) Guildford RC (Morris)3 lengths
11615:24W.J14.2X129(138) Weybridge RC(139) Kingston Rowing Club (Obrien)3 lengths
12916:12W.J14.2X (137) Kingston Rowing Club (Sakharet)(139) Kingston Rowing Club (Obrien)2 lengths
12716:05Mas.DE.1X (142) Kingston Rowing Club (=E)(143) Guildford RC (=D)Row Over
1510:11W.Mas.B.1X (31) Kingston Rowing Club(32) Weybridge RC4 lengths