St Neots Sprint Regatta

Sunday 23rd July 2023

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RaceTimeStatusNext Race Clubhouse Regatta FieldVerdict
10108:30J16.1X128SIV(183) St Ives RC (Harrison)STA(184) Star Club3 lengths
10208:32J15.1X124BED(185) Bedford Rowing ClubHUN(186) Huntingdon RC (Scott-Donkin)4 feet
10308:34J15.1X123SRC(193) Sudbury RCNTN(194) Northampton RC (Wheeler)3/4 length
10408:36W.J14.1X142IEL(195) Isle of Ely BCDOS(196) Doncaster Schools Rowing Association (Fleming)1/2 length
10508:38W.J14.1X143BED(198) Bedford Rowing ClubDOS(199) Doncaster Schools Rowing Association (Knight)2 lengths
10608:40W.J14.1X143OUT(200) Oundle Town RCSRC(201) Sudbury RCNot Rowed Out
10708:42J17.1X148NOR(168) Norwich RC (Wood)HUN(169) Huntingdon RC1/2 length
10808:44J17.1X148SNE(170) St Neots RC (Hannah)NOR(171) Norwich RC (Frew)5 lengths
10908:46J17.1X149PET(172) Peterborough CitySNE(173) St Neots RC (Putintsev)Not Rowed Out
11008:48J17.1X149OUT(174) Oundle Town RCDBY(175) Derby RCDNS
11108:50Op.B.1X150SIV(160) St Ives RC (Haynes)BRX(161) Broxbourne RC (Orpin)DNS
11208:52Op.B.1X150SNE(162) St Neots RC (Wigmore)SRC(163) Sudbury RC (Flynn)2 lengths
11308:54Op.B.1X151JEC(164) Jesus College, CambridgeDBY(165) Derby RC (Shreeve)2 1/2 lengths
11408:56Op.B.1X151ANC(166) Ancholme RCDBY(167) Derby RC (Maine)1/2 length
11508:58Op.A.1X152SNE(152) St Neots RC (Williams)SNE(153) St Neots RC (Willies)DNS
11609:03Op.A.1X152SIV(154) St Ives RC (Woodford)SRC(155) Sudbury RC (Elliott)DNS
11709:05Op.A.1X153STA(156) Star ClubMIK(157) Milton Keynes RCeasily
11809:07Op.A.1X153NTN(158) Northampton RCBRX(159) Broxbourne RC (Morton)3 lengths
11909:09W.Mas.CDE.4X161IEL(123) Isle of Ely BC (Mathie =C)NTN(124) Northampton RC (=D)1/2 length
12009:11W.Mas.CDE.4X162MIK(127) Milton Keynes RC (=D)MAV(128) Maidstone Invicta RC (=E)easily
12109:13J15.1X144MAV(188) Maidstone Invicta RCLER(189) Leicester RC3 lengths
12209:15J15.1X145IEL(190) Isle of Ely BCSTA(191) Star Club1 1/2 lengths
12309:17J15.1X145HUN(192) Huntingdon RC (Grant)NTN(194) Northampton RC (Wheeler)easily
12409:19J15.1X144BED(185) Bedford Rowing ClubNTN(187) Northampton RC (Macdonnell)easily
12509:21J16.1X146MAV(176) Maidstone Invicta RC (Warne)SRC(177) Sudbury RCeasily
12609:23J16.1X146SIV(178) St Ives RC (Craven)OUT(179) Oundle Town RCDNS
12709:25J16.1X147PET(180) Peterborough CityDBY(181) Derby RC3 lengths
12809:27J16.1X147MAV(182) Maidstone Invicta RC (Howard)SIV(183) St Ives RC (Harrison)1 1/2 lengths
12909:29W.J15.2X154MAV(144) Maidstone Invicta RC (Burston)PET(145) Peterborough City2 lengths
13009:34W.J15.2X154STA(146) Star Club (Crisp)BED(147) Bedford Rowing Club3 lengths
13109:36W.J15.2X155STA(148) Star Club (De Serpa Pimentel)DBY(149) Derby RC2 lengths
13209:38W.J15.2X155NTN(150) Northampton RCMAV(151) Maidstone Invicta RC (Burke)easily
13309:40W.2X157NTN(133) Northampton RCSTA(134) Star Club (Parker)easily
13409:42W.2X157IEL(135) Isle of Ely BCJEC(136) Jesus College, Cambridgeeasily
13509:44W.2X158MAV(137) Maidstone Invicta RCGLB(138) Globe RC2 1/2 lengths
13609:46W.2X158MIK(139) Milton Keynes RCSTA(140) Star Club (Copeland)1 length
13709:48Mas.EFG.4X163NWK/HOL(117) Newark/Hollingworth Lake (=G)OUT(118) Oundle Town RC (Meads =F)1 1/2 lengths
13809:50Mas.EFG.4X164NOR(121) Norwich RC (=E)OUT(122) Oundle Town RC (Harland =F)2 1/2 lengths
13909:52Mas.FH.8+170NOR/TYN(102) Norwich/Tyne (=H)MAV(103) Maidstone Invicta RC (=F)a canvas
14009:54Op.4+167LEA(107) Lea Rowing ClubGLB(108) Globe RCeasily
14109:56Op.4+168NOR(111) Norwich RCPET(112) Peterborough City1 foot
14209:58W.J14.1X171DOS(196) Doncaster Schools Rowing Association (Fleming)NTN(197) Northampton RC4 lengths
14310:03W.J14.1X171DOS(199) Doncaster Schools Rowing Association (Knight)SRC(201) Sudbury RC3 lengths
14410:05J15.1X172BED(185) Bedford Rowing ClubLER(189) Leicester RC2 1/2 lengths
14510:07J15.1X172STA(191) Star ClubHUN(192) Huntingdon RC (Grant)1 1/2 lengths
14610:09J16.1X173SRC(177) Sudbury RCOUT(179) Oundle Town RC4 lengths
14710:11J16.1X173PET(180) Peterborough CitySIV(183) St Ives RC (Harrison)1/3 length
14810:13J17.1X174HUN(169) Huntingdon RCNOR(171) Norwich RC (Frew)1 1/2 lengths
14910:15J17.1X174PET(172) Peterborough CityOUT(174) Oundle Town RC3 lengths
15010:17Op.B.1X175BRX(161) Broxbourne RC (Orpin)SNE(162) St Neots RC (Wigmore)3 lengths
15110:19Op.B.1X175DBY(165) Derby RC (Shreeve)DBY(167) Derby RC (Maine)3 lengths
15210:21Op.A.1X176SNE(153) St Neots RC (Willies)SIV(154) St Ives RC (Woodford)3 1/2 lengths
15310:23Op.A.1X176STA(156) Star ClubBRX(159) Broxbourne RC (Morton)2 lengths
15410:25W.J15.2X177PET(145) Peterborough CitySTA(146) Star Club (Crisp)2 lengths
15510:27W.J15.2X177DBY(149) Derby RCNTN(150) Northampton RC1 3/4 lengths
15610:29W.J16.2X178PET(142) Peterborough CityOUT(143) Oundle Town RCeasily
15710:34W.2X179STA(134) Star Club (Parker)JEC(136) Jesus College, Cambridge4 lengths
15810:36W.2X179GLB(138) Globe RCMIK(139) Milton Keynes RC2/3 length
15910:38W.2-180BBL(129) Barnes Bridge Ladies RC (Cahill)DBY(130) Derby RC (Harris)a canvas
16010:40W.2-180BBL(131) Barnes Bridge Ladies RC (Blee)DBY(132) Derby RC (Carr)DNS
16110:42W.Mas.CDE.4X181IEL(123) Isle of Ely BC (Mathie =C)LER(125) Leicester RC (=D)easily
16210:44W.Mas.CDE.4X181IEL(126) Isle of Ely BC (Elsey =E)MAV(128) Maidstone Invicta RC (=E)1/3 length
16310:46Mas.EFG.4X182NWK/HOL(117) Newark/Hollingworth Lake (=G)DON(119) Doncaster RC (=F)2 1/4 lengths
16410:48Mas.EFG.4X182PET(120) Peterborough City (=G)NOR(121) Norwich RC (=E)3 lengths
16510:50Mas.BD.4X183LOT(113) London Otters RC (Leslie =B)DON(114) Doncaster RC (=D)1 length
16610:52Mas.BD.4X183LOT(115) London Otters RC (Zerk =B)LOT(116) London Otters RC (Wilson =B)1 1/2 lengths
16710:54Op.4+184LEA(107) Lea Rowing ClubLER(109) Leicester RCeasily
16810:56Op.4+184SRC(110) Sudbury RCPET(112) Peterborough City2/3 length
16910:58W.8+185PET(105) Peterborough CityGLB(106) Globe RC3 lengths
17011:03Mas.FH.8+ STA/BED/DBY(101) Star/Bedford/Derby (=H)MAV(103) Maidstone Invicta RC (=F)1 1/2 lengths
17111:06W.J14.1X DOS(196) Doncaster Schools Rowing Association (Fleming)SRC(201) Sudbury RCeasily
17211:09J15.1X LER(189) Leicester RCHUN(192) Huntingdon RC (Grant)1 1/2 lengths
17311:12J16.1X SRC(177) Sudbury RCSIV(183) St Ives RC (Harrison)2 lengths
17411:15J17.1X NOR(171) Norwich RC (Frew)PET(172) Peterborough City1 1/2 lengths
17511:18Op.B.1X BRX(161) Broxbourne RC (Orpin)DBY(167) Derby RC (Maine)2 feet
17611:21Op.A.1X SIV(154) St Ives RC (Woodford)BRX(159) Broxbourne RC (Morton)1 length
17711:24W.J15.2X PET(145) Peterborough CityNTN(150) Northampton RC1/3 length
17811:27W.J16.2X DBY(141) Derby RCPET(142) Peterborough City2 lengths
17911:33W.2X JEC(136) Jesus College, CambridgeMIK(139) Milton Keynes RC1/2 length
18011:36W.2- DBY(130) Derby RC (Harris)BBL(131) Barnes Bridge Ladies RC (Blee)1 1/2 lengths
18111:39W.Mas.CDE.4X LER(125) Leicester RC (=D)MAV(128) Maidstone Invicta RC (=E)1 2/3 lengths
18211:42Mas.EFG.4X NWK/HOL(117) Newark/Hollingworth Lake (=G)NOR(121) Norwich RC (=E)easily
18311:45Mas.BD.4X DON(114) Doncaster RC (=D)LOT(115) London Otters RC (Zerk =B)3/4 length
18411:48Op.4+ LEA(107) Lea Rowing ClubSRC(110) Sudbury RCeasily
18511:51W.8+ LEA(104) Lea Rowing ClubPET(105) Peterborough City1 1/4 lengths
20212:04W.Mas.FG.1X253STA(281) Star Club (=G)MAV(282) Maidstone Invicta RC (=F)1 1/2 lengths
20312:06W.Mas.DE.1X254STA(278) Star Club (=E)IPS(279) Ipswich RC (Day =E)No Race
20412:08Mx.2X222SRC(239) Sudbury RC (Flynn)BED(240) Bedford Rowing Club (Brown)1 length
20512:10Mx.2X223LEE(247) Leeds RCSNE/STA(248) St Neots/Star2 lengths
20612:12J14.B.1X225SNE(270) St Neots RCSTA(271) Star Club (Surridge)easily
20712:14J14.B.1X226DOS(273) Doncaster Schools Rowing Association (Colodi)HUN(274) Huntingdon RC (Hancock)a canvas
20812:16J14.B.1X226BED(275) Bedford Rowing ClubNTN(276) Northampton RCeasily
20912:18J14.A.1X227HUN(264) Huntingdon RC (Bennett)DOS(265) Doncaster Schools Rowing Association (Ford)1 length
21012:20J14.A.1X228STA(268) Star Club (Handscombe)PET(269) Peterborough City (Barber)easily
21112:22Mas.DE.1X231HOL(249) Hollingworth Lake RC (=E)MAV(250) Maidstone Invicta RC (=E)1 1/4 lengths
21212:24Mas.DE.1X232SIV(253) St Ives RC (=D)SRC(254) Sudbury RC (=E)3 lengths
21312:26B2.W.4X247IEL(217) Isle of Ely BCMIK(218) Milton Keynes RC (McGill)3 lengths
21412:28B2.W.4X248MIK(220) Milton Keynes RC (Hughes)GLB(221) Globe RC4 lengths
21512:33B2.W.4X248MAV(222) Maidstone Invicta RCLOT(223) London Otters RCeasily
21612:35Op.4X236BRX(211) Broxbourne RCDBY/LCN(212) Derby/Lincoln2/3 length
21712:37J18.1X234SRC(262) Sudbury RCPET(263) Peterborough City1 foot
21812:39J15.2X243SRC(228) Sudbury RCIEL(229) Isle of Ely BC1 1/4 lengths
21912:41J15.2X244BRX(232) Broxbourne RCHUN(233) Huntingdon RC3/4 length
22012:43Mx.2X239NOR(242) Norwich RCSTA(243) Star Club (Messling)6 inches
22112:45Mx.2X240GLB(244) Globe RCBED(245) Bedford Rowing Club (Smith)5 lengths
22212:47Mx.2X239SRC(239) Sudbury RC (Flynn)SRC(241) Sudbury RC (Nichols)3 1/2 lengths
22312:49Mx.2X240STA(246) Star Club (Elder)SNE/STA(248) St Neots/Star2 1/2 lengths
22412:51W.J17.1X252IEL(284) Isle of Ely BCMAV(285) Maidstone Invicta RC (Moloney)4 1/2 lengths
22512:53J14.B.1X256SNE(270) St Neots RCPET(272) Peterborough City (Hynes)1 1/4 lengths
22612:55J14.B.1X256DOS(273) Doncaster Schools Rowing Association (Colodi)BED(275) Bedford Rowing Clubeasily
22712:57J14.A.1X257DOS(265) Doncaster Schools Rowing Association (Ford)STA(266) Star Club (Crisp)easily
22812:59J14.A.1X257SIV(267) St Ives RCPET(269) Peterborough City (Barber)2 lengths
25413:02W.Mas.DE.1X IPS(277) Ipswich RC (Jenkins =D)IPS(279) Ipswich RC (Day =E)3 1/2 lengths
22913:04Mas.FG.1X259MAV(255) Maidstone Invicta RC (Evans =F)SNE(256) St Neots RC (=F)DNS
23013:06Mas.FG.1X259STA(257) Star Club (=G)MAV(258) Maidstone Invicta RC (Harlow =G)3/4 length
23113:08Mas.DE.1X260MAV(250) Maidstone Invicta RC (=E)NOR(251) Norwich RC (=D)Not Rowed Out
23213:10Mas.DE.1X260ANC(252) Ancholme RC (=D)SIV(253) St Ives RC (=D)1 1/2 lengths
23313:12J18.1X258NTN(259) Northampton RCBED(260) Bedford Rowing Clubeasily
23413:14J18.1X258HUN(261) Huntingdon RCSRC(262) Sudbury RC2 lengths
23513:16Op.4X255BED(208) Bedford Rowing ClubMAV(209) Maidstone Invicta RC3/4 length
23613:18Op.4X255LOT(210) London Otters RCBRX(211) Broxbourne RC1 1/2 lengths
23713:20B1.W.4X266DOS(213) Doncaster Schools Rowing AssociationBRX(214) Broxbourne RCDisqualification
23813:22B1.W.4X266STA(215) Star ClubLER(216) Leicester RCDNS
23913:24Mx.2X261SRC(239) Sudbury RC (Flynn)NOR(242) Norwich RC1/2 length
24013:26Mx.2X261BED(245) Bedford Rowing Club (Smith)SNE/STA(248) St Neots/Star2 1/2 lengths
24113:28W.J14.2X262SNE(234) St Neots RC (Folbigg)DOS(236) Doncaster Schools Rowing Associationeasily
24213:33W.J14.2X262SNE(237) St Neots RC (Dymond)SIV(238) St Ives RCeasily
24313:35J15.2X263SRC(228) Sudbury RCPET(230) Peterborough City1 1/4 lengths
24413:37J15.2X263MAV(231) Maidstone Invicta RCHUN(233) Huntingdon RC2 1/2 lengths
24513:39J16.2X264LCN(224) Lincoln Rowing CentreMAV(225) Maidstone Invicta RC6 inches
24613:41J16.2X264STA(226) Star ClubDOS(227) Doncaster Schools Rowing Association2 lengths
24713:43B2.W.4X265MIK(218) Milton Keynes RC (McGill)DBY(219) Derby RC3 lengths
24813:45B2.W.4X265MIK(220) Milton Keynes RC (Hughes)MAV(222) Maidstone Invicta RC1/2 length
24913:47B2.Mx.8+267PET(204) Peterborough City (Ansell-Crook)NOR(205) Norwich RC3/4 length
25013:49B2.Mx.8+267PET(206) Peterborough City (Marshall)LOT(207) London Otters RC4 1/2 lengths
25113:51B1.Mx.8+ LEE(202) Leeds RCDBY/OXB/SAU(203) Derby/Oxford Brookes/St Andrews1 1/4 lengths
25213:54W.J17.1X MAV(283) Maidstone Invicta RC (Fraser)IEL(284) Isle of Ely BCeasily
25313:57W.Mas.FG.1X GLB(280) Globe RC (=F)STA(281) Star Club (=G)1 1/2 lengths
25514:06Op.4X BED(208) Bedford Rowing ClubLOT(210) London Otters RC1 length
25614:09J14.B.1X SNE(270) St Neots RCBED(275) Bedford Rowing Club1 1/2 lengths
25714:12J14.A.1X STA(266) Star Club (Crisp)SIV(267) St Ives RC4 lengths
25814:15J18.1X BED(260) Bedford Rowing ClubSRC(262) Sudbury RC1 1/2 lengths
25914:18Mas.FG.1X MAV(255) Maidstone Invicta RC (Evans =F)STA(257) Star Club (=G)1 length
26014:21Mas.DE.1X NOR(251) Norwich RC (=D)SIV(253) St Ives RC (=D)easily
26114:24Mx.2X SRC(239) Sudbury RC (Flynn)SNE/STA(248) St Neots/Star3 1/2 lengths
26214:27W.J14.2X DOS(236) Doncaster Schools Rowing AssociationSIV(238) St Ives RC3 1/4 lengths
26314:33J15.2X SRC(228) Sudbury RCHUN(233) Huntingdon RC1 1/4 lengths
26414:36J16.2X LCN(224) Lincoln Rowing CentreDOS(227) Doncaster Schools Rowing Association1 length
26514:39B2.W.4X DBY(219) Derby RCMAV(222) Maidstone Invicta RC1/4 length
26614:42B1.W.4X DOS(213) Doncaster Schools Rowing AssociationLER(216) Leicester RCNot recorded
26714:45B2.Mx.8+ PET(204) Peterborough City (Ansell-Crook)PET(206) Peterborough City (Marshall)1 length
30114:53W.Mas.EF.2X343GLB(360) Globe RC (=F)STA(361) Star Club (May =E)4 lengths
30214:55W.Mas.EF.2X344IPS(363) Ipswich RC (=E)NTN(364) Northampton RC (=E)easily
30314:57W.Mas.EF.2X344STA(365) Star Club (French =F)MAV(366) Maidstone Invicta RC (=F)1/2 length
30414:59W.Mas.CD.2X367SRC(356) Sudbury RC (=D)BED(357) Bedford Rowing Club (=D)a Bowball
30515:04W.Mas.CD.2X367MIK(358) Milton Keynes RC (=C)IEL(359) Isle of Ely BC (=D)easily
30615:06Mas.BCD.2X349LOT(339) London Otters RC (Douglas =B)DON(340) Doncaster RC (=D)2 lengths
30715:08Mas.BCD.2X350LOT(343) London Otters RC (Zerk =B)BED(344) Bedford Rowing Club (=C)easily
30815:10J14.2X345PET(349) Peterborough City (Hynes)DOS(350) Doncaster Schools Rowing Associationeasily
30915:12J14.2X346SRC(352) Sudbury RCPET(353) Peterborough City (Esposito)4 lengths
31015:14J14.2X346IEL(354) Isle of Ely BCHUN(355) Huntingdon RC1 foot
31115:16W.J16.1X331NOR(379) Norwich RCMAV(380) Maidstone Invicta RC4 lengths
31215:18W.J16.1X332HUN(383) Huntingdon RCPET(384) Peterborough City (Agyapong)3 lengths
31315:20W.B.1X333DOS(373) Doncaster Schools Rowing AssociationGLB(374) Globe RC2/3 length
31415:22W.B.1X334LER(377) Leicester RC (Cleaver)JEC(378) Jesus College, Cambridge (Falkenberg)1 length
31515:24W.A.1X335STA(367) Star ClubIPS(368) Ipswich RC (Kunzer)DNS
31615:26W.A.1X336LER(371) Leicester RC (Sandhu)DBY(372) Derby RCeasily
31715:28W.J15.1X337NTN(385) Northampton RCMAV(386) Maidstone Invicta RCeasily
31815:33W.J15.1X338LER(388) Leicester RCIEL(389) Isle of Ely BC3 1/2 lengths
31915:35W.J15.1X338PET(390) Peterborough City (Bosma)DBY(391) Derby RC3 lengths
32115:39Op.A.2X353LER(325) Leicester RCSTK(326) Trentham BC3 lengths
32215:41Op.A.2X353DBY(327) Derby RC (Grattidge/James)LOT(328) London Otters RC (Hart/Constantine-Cort)2 lengths
32315:43Op.A.2X354DBY(329) Derby RC (Simpson/Mountford)BRX(330) Broxbourne RC (Metcalf/Adrienne)2 1/2 lengths
32415:45Op.A.2X354HUN(331) Huntingdon RC (Manchett/Ray)SNE/SCB(332) St Neots/St Cuthbert's4 1/2 lengths
32515:47Op.B.2X351LOT(333) London Otters RC (Cassidy/Lambert)GLB(334) Globe RC4 lengths
32615:49Op.B.2X352BRX(337) Broxbourne RC (Maynes/Richardson)HUN(338) Huntingdon RC (Marjanovic/Starling)3 lengths
32715:51Mx.4X355DBY(317) Derby RCLEE(318) Leeds RC (Grange)1/2 length
32815:53Mx.4X355LOT(319) London Otters RC (English)NOR(320) Norwich RCeasily
32915:55Mx.4X356LOT(321) London Otters RC (Nicholson-Russell)LEE(322) Leeds RC (Folan)easily
33015:57Mx.4X356MIK(323) Milton Keynes RCLOT(324) London Otters RC (Allen)3 lengths
33115:59W.J16.1X363NOR(379) Norwich RCPET(381) Peterborough City (Gilbert)easily
33216:04W.J16.1X363SNE(382) St Neots RCHUN(383) Huntingdon RCDNS
33316:06W.B.1X364DOS(373) Doncaster Schools Rowing AssociationIPS(375) Ipswich RC (Pavey)1 1/4 lengths
33416:08W.B.1X364OUT(376) Oundle Town RCJEC(378) Jesus College, Cambridge (Falkenberg)1/2 length
33516:10W.A.1X365STA(367) Star ClubJEC(369) Jesus College, Cambridge (Helmers)2 1/2 lengths
33616:12W.A.1X365BBL(370) Barnes Bridge Ladies RCDBY(372) Derby RC2 lengths
33716:14W.J15.1X362NTN(385) Northampton RCPET(387) Peterborough City (Chesher)2 lengths
33816:16W.J15.1X362LER(388) Leicester RCDBY(391) Derby RC2 lengths
33916:18B2.W.4+360LOT(308) London Otters RCLEA(310) Lea Rowing Club (Wood)2 1/2 lengths
34016:20B2.W.4+360YRK(311) York City RCBRX(312) Broxbourne RC (Burwood)1 1/2 lengths
34116:22B2.W.4+361GLB(313) Globe RCMIK(314) Milton Keynes RC3 lengths
34216:24B2.W.4+361LEA(315) Lea Rowing Club (Hassan)NOR(316) Norwich RC3 lengths
34316:26W.Mas.EF.2X366GLB(360) Globe RC (=F)PET(362) Peterborough City (=F)1 1/4 lengths
34416:28W.Mas.EF.2X366IPS(363) Ipswich RC (=E)MAV(366) Maidstone Invicta RC (=F)1/2 length
34516:33J14.2X368PET(349) Peterborough City (Hynes)SNE(351) St Neots RC4 lengths
34616:35J14.2X368PET(353) Peterborough City (Esposito)HUN(355) Huntingdon RC3 lengths
34716:37Mas.FH.2X369NOR(345) Norwich RC (=F)OUT(346) Oundle Town RC (=H)2 lengths
34816:39Mas.FH.2X369SIV(347) St Ives RC (=F)SNE(348) St Neots RC (=F)1 length
34916:41Mas.BCD.2X370LOT(339) London Otters RC (Douglas =B)SNE(341) St Neots RC (=B)4 lengths
35016:43Mas.BCD.2X370LOT(342) London Otters RC (Pretorius =B)BED(344) Bedford Rowing Club (=C)2 1/2 lengths
35116:45Op.B.2X372GLB(334) Globe RCDBY/OXB(335) Derby/Oxford Brookeseasily
35216:47Op.B.2X372PET(336) Peterborough CityHUN(338) Huntingdon RC (Marjanovic/Starling)3 1/2 lengths
35316:49Op.A.2X371STK(326) Trentham BCLOT(328) London Otters RC (Hart/Constantine-Cort)2 1/2 lengths
35416:51Op.A.2X371BRX(330) Broxbourne RC (Metcalf/Adrienne)HUN(331) Huntingdon RC (Manchett/Ray)3 lengths
35516:53Mx.4X373DBY(317) Derby RCNOR(320) Norwich RC1/4 length
35616:55Mx.4X373LEE(322) Leeds RC (Folan)LOT(324) London Otters RC (Allen)easily
35716:57B1.W.4+375BRX(306) Broxbourne RC (Weatherall)DBY(307) Derby RC3 lengths
35816:59Op.8+376LOT(301) London Otters RC (McCormick)PET(302) Peterborough City1 1/2 lengths
35917:04Op.8+376LEA(303) Lea Rowing ClubLOT(304) London Otters RC (Gillibrand)1 1/2 lengths
36017:06B2.W.4+374LEA(310) Lea Rowing Club (Wood)BRX(312) Broxbourne RC (Burwood)2 1/2 lengths
36117:08B2.W.4+374MIK(314) Milton Keynes RCNOR(316) Norwich RC1 1/2 lengths
36217:10W.J15.1X PET(387) Peterborough City (Chesher)DBY(391) Derby RC4 1/2 lengths
36317:13W.J16.1X PET(381) Peterborough City (Gilbert)HUN(383) Huntingdon RCeasily
36417:16W.B.1X DOS(373) Doncaster Schools Rowing AssociationOUT(376) Oundle Town RC1 length
36517:19W.A.1X JEC(369) Jesus College, Cambridge (Helmers)DBY(372) Derby RC1 1/2 lengths
36617:22W.Mas.EF.2X PET(362) Peterborough City (=F)MAV(366) Maidstone Invicta RC (=F)1 1/2 lengths
36717:25W.Mas.CD.2X SRC(356) Sudbury RC (=D)MIK(358) Milton Keynes RC (=C)2 lengths
36817:28J14.2X PET(349) Peterborough City (Hynes)PET(353) Peterborough City (Esposito)3 1/2 lengths
36917:34Mas.FH.2X NOR(345) Norwich RC (=F)SIV(347) St Ives RC (=F)1 length
37017:37Mas.BCD.2X LOT(339) London Otters RC (Douglas =B)BED(344) Bedford Rowing Club (=C)3 lengths
37117:40Op.A.2X STK(326) Trentham BCHUN(331) Huntingdon RC (Manchett/Ray)3 feet
37217:43Op.B.2X DBY/OXB(335) Derby/Oxford BrookesHUN(338) Huntingdon RC (Marjanovic/Starling)1/2 length
37317:46Mx.4X NOR(320) Norwich RCLEE(322) Leeds RC (Folan)3/4 length
37417:49B2.W.4+ LEA(310) Lea Rowing Club (Wood)MIK(314) Milton Keynes RC3/4 length
37517:52B1.W.4+ PET(305) Peterborough CityBRX(306) Broxbourne RC (Weatherall)3/4 length
37617:55Op.8+ PET(302) Peterborough CityLEA(303) Lea Rowing Club1/2 length