Bedford Amateur Regatta

Saturday 6th May 2017

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Results for Pembroke College, Cambridge

RaceTimeStatusNext RaceEnclosureEmbankmentTimeVerdict
6510:50COL.8+166(24) St Catherine's College(25) Pembroke College, Cambridge3:37easily
6610:52COL.8+181(26) Christ Church(27) Corpus Christi College3:402 1/2 lengths
6710:54COL.8+181(29) Oriel College(30) Emmanuel College3:372 1/2 lengths
16614:59COL.8+240(24) St Catherine's College(28) University College, Oxford3:372.00 lengths
18115:39COL.8+240(26) Christ Church(29) Oriel College3:142 1/2 lengths
24018:20COL.8+ (24) St Catherine's College(29) Oriel College3:292 lengths
4309:54NOV.B.8+150(36) Norwich School(37) Bedford School (Whitcombe)4:001/2 length
3909:45NOV.B.8+149(42) Pembroke College, Cambridge(43) Bedford School (Lyon)3:473/4 length
4009:47NOV.B.8+156(45) Bedford School (Broens)(46) Bedford Modern School (Szeto)4:052 1/2 lengths
15014:18NOV.B.8+252(36) Norwich School(38) Bedford Modern School (Wilde)3:551.00 lengths
13413:42NOV.B.8+252(39) Radley College Boat Club(40) Abingdon School (J15 B)3:151 1/4 lengths
14914:16NOV.B.8+236(41) Bedford School (Bhamra)(42) Pembroke College, Cambridge3:442 1/2 lengths
15614:31NOV.B.8+236(44) Abingdon School (J15 A)(46) Bedford Modern School (Szeto)3:533 1/2 lengths
25218:30NOV.B.8+273(38) Bedford Modern School (Wilde)(40) Abingdon School (J15 B)3:573 1/2 lengths
23617:52NOV.B.8+273(42) Pembroke College, Cambridge(44) Abingdon School (J15 A)NTT3 lengths
27319:26NOV.B.8+ (38) Bedford Modern School (Wilde)(42) Pembroke College, Cambridge3:41easily
13713:50W.ELI.2.8+220(98) Jesus College (W1)(91) New College4:152 1/2 lengths
13913:54W.ELI.2.8+220(92) Furnivall SC (B)(93) Emmanuel College4:18easily
13113:29W.ELI.2.8+221(94) Pembroke College, Cambridge(95) South African Schools (Buckle)4:212 1/2 lengths
14013:57W.ELI.2.8+221(96) Kingston Rowing Club(97) University College, Oxford4:201 length
22017:12W.ELI.2.8+267(98) Jesus College (W1)(93) Emmanuel College4:101/2 length
22117:14W.ELI.2.8+267(95) South African Schools (Buckle)(96) Kingston Rowing Club4:084.00 lengths
26719:12W.ELI.2.8+ (98) Jesus College (W1)(95) South African Schools (Buckle)NTTRow Over
7111:03W.COL.8+169(99) Jesus College (W1)(100) Pembroke College, Cambridge (W1)4:393 1/2 lengths
7211:05W.COL.8+169(102) Emmanuel College(105) Green Templeton BC4:062 lengths
7311:07W.COL.8+171(103) New College(104) University College, Oxford4:251/2 length
7411:09W.COL.8+171(106) Jesus College (W2)(107) Pembroke College, Cambridge (W2)NTTRow Over
16915:05W.COL.8+243(99) Jesus College (W1)(105) Green Templeton BC4:042 1/2 lengths
17115:10W.COL.8+243(104) University College, Oxford(107) Pembroke College, Cambridge (W2)4:281 1/2 lengths
24318:09W.COL.8+ (105) Green Templeton BC(104) University College, Oxford4:084 lengths
6810:56W.NOV.8+146(108) Warwick University (Yates)(109) Kingston Grammar SchoolNTTRow Over
6914:00W.NOV.8+188(112) Lea Rowing Club(113) Warwick University (Hickling)4:291 length
14614:10W.NOV.8+241(109) Kingston Grammar School(110) Pembroke College, Cambridge4:321/3 length
18815:54W.NOV.8+241(111) Sir William Borlase's Grammar School(113) Warwick University (Hickling)4:41Row Over/o
24118:04W.NOV.8+ (110) Pembroke College, Cambridge(111) Sir William Borlase's Grammar School4:26easily