Bedford Amateur Regatta

Saturday 6th May 2017

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Results for Putney High School RC

RaceTimeStatusNext RaceEnclosureEmbankmentTimeVerdict
2409:11W.4+101(196) Cheltenham College (Corbett)(197) Bedford Girls School (Greene)5:053 lengths
2509:13W.4+107(202) Putney High School RC (Butterworth)(203) Warwick University (Turner)5:33Row Over
2609:15W.4+108(205) Cheltenham College (McLaren)(206) Lea Rowing Club (Saunders)4:431 1/4 lengths
10112:15W.4+210(197) Bedford Girls School (Greene)(198) Lea Rowing Club (Constable)NTTRow Over
10512:24W.4+210(199) Warwick University (Crook)(200) Putney High School RC (Zedda James)NTTRow Over
10712:28W.4+204(201) Cheltenham College (Kemp)(203) Warwick University (Turner)4:505 lengths
10812:31W.4+204(204) Bedford Girls School (Hudson)(206) Lea Rowing Club (Saunders)4:421 length
21016:47W.4+257(198) Lea Rowing Club (Constable)(199) Warwick University (Crook)4:423 1/2 lengths
20416:29W.4+257(201) Cheltenham College (Kemp)(204) Bedford Girls School (Hudson)4:341 1/4 lengths
25718:45W.4+ (199) Warwick University (Crook)(204) Bedford Girls School (Hudson)4:301 length
7011:01W.J18.4+167(207) Cheltenham College(208) Bedford Girls School (McDonagh)4:481 1/4 lengths
7911:23W.J18.4+168(211) Great Marlow School(212) Bedford Girls School (Greene)4:42easily
16715:01W.J18.4+242(208) Bedford Girls School (McDonagh)(209) Kingston Grammar School4:341 1/4 lengths
16815:03W.J18.4+242(210) Putney High School RC(211) Great Marlow School4:301/2 length
24218:06W.J18.4+ (208) Bedford Girls School (McDonagh)(210) Putney High School RC4:274 lengths
19216:03W.J16.4+256(213) Putney High School RC(214) Emanuel School4:361/3 length
17415:16W.J16.4+256(215) Kingston Grammar School(216) Cheltenham College4:443/4 length
25618:43W.J16.4+ (213) Putney High School RC(216) Cheltenham College4:383 lengths
508:28W.J18.4X52(238) Putney High School RC(239) Great Marlow SchoolNTTRow Over
4810:05W.J18.4X158(231) Bedford Modern School(232) Oundle School BC4:262 1/2 lengths
4910:07W.J18.4X158(233) Shiplake College(234) Norwich School4:285 lengths
5110:11W.J18.4X160(235) Emanuel School(236) Star Club4:54Row Over
5210:13W.J18.4X160(237) King's School Ely BC(239) Great Marlow School4:172 1/2 lengths
15814:41W.J18.4X231(231) Bedford Modern School(233) Shiplake College4:123.00 lengths
16015:04W.J18.4X231(236) Star Club(239) Great Marlow School4:202.00 lengths
23117:41W.J18.4X (233) Shiplake College(239) Great Marlow School4:112.00 lengths
9512:02W.J16.4X208(240) Bedford Modern School(241) Sir William Borlase's Grammar School (Rolfe)4:382 3/4 lengths
9612:05W.J16.4X219(244) Oundle School BC(245) King's School Ely BCNTTRow Over
20816:42W.J16.4X250(240) Bedford Modern School(242) Putney High School RC4:372.00 lengths
21917:09W.J16.4X250(243) Sir William Borlase's Grammar School (Helin)(244) Oundle School BC4:35Easily
25018:26W.J16.4X (240) Bedford Modern School(244) Oundle School BC4:331/2 length