Bedford Eights & Fours Head

Sunday 9th February 2003

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Novice Coxed Fours
(18 Entries, 15 Starters)

407:15118UKEUniversity of Kent (B) 
607:16 (+00:01)186MHDMaidenhead RC 
707:23 (+00:08)83UKEUniversity of Kent (G) 
707:35 (+00:20)207MIKMilton Keynes RC (B) 
307:38 (+00:23)82UKEUniversity of Kent (E) 
707:46 (+00:31)208UHEUniversity of Hertfordshire 
507:47 (+00:32)155UKEUniversity of Kent (F) 
107:54 (+00:39)20DMLDe Montfort University RC (A) 
608:01 (+00:46)188SIVSt Ives RC 
608:07 (+00:52)184FALFalcon RC (A) 
508:09 (+00:54)154FALFalcon RC (B) 
609:02 (+01:47)185UKEUniversity of Kent (C) 
409:08 (+01:53)119UKEUniversity of Kent (A) 
509:30 (+02:15)156UKEUniversity of Kent (D) 
509:40 (+02:25)153DMLDe Montfort University RC (B) 
3DNS85HUUHull University BC (C) 
1DNS21HUUHull University BC (A) 
6DNS187HUUHull University BC (E)