Bedford Eights & Fours Head

Sunday 14th February 2010

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1SEN.8+05:551Star Club (A) 
2SEN.8+05:58 (+0:03)2Bedford Modern School (Edwards) 
3IM2.8+05:59144Queens` College Cambridge BC (Mildon) 
4IM3.8+06:02142Bedford Modern School 
5IM3.8+06:04 (+0:02)71Queens` College Cambridge BC (Mildon) 
6SEN.8+06:07 (+0:12)28Star Club (B) 
7=IM2.8+06:12 (+0:13)143Peterhouse BC (M1) 
7=IM3.8+06:12 (+0:10)76Peterhouse BC (M1) 
7=IM3.8+06:12 (+0:10)3Downing College (M1) 
10=IM2.8+06:13 (+0:14)183Jesus College (M1) 
10=IM2.8+06:13 (+0:14)29Downing College (M1) 
12IM3.8+06:16 (+0:14)109Jesus College (M1) 
13IM2.8+06:18 (+0:19)67Bedford School (Scott) 
14IM3.8+06:22 (+0:20)74King`s College BC (M1) 
15=IM2.8+06:24 (+0:25)107St John`s College BC 
15=IM3.4X06:2447Star Club (Mizen) 
15=J15.8X06:24489Star Club (Schools) 
18IM3.8+06:25 (+0:23)32St John`s College BC 
19=IM3.8+06:26 (+0:24)112Magdalene College (Brisk) 
19=IM3.8+06:26 (+0:24)73Queen Mary UL BC (Simpson) 
21NOV.8+06:27184Bedford School (Hayes) 
22IM3.8+06:28 (+0:26)113St Georges Hospital Med. School (Tempo) 
23J18.4X06:3082Bedford Modern School (Cleaver) 
24=IM2.8+06:34 (+0:35)105City of Oxford RC (Gleen) 
24=IM3.8+06:34 (+0:32)146Queens` College Cambridge BC (Pattinson) 
24=IM3.8+06:34 (+0:32)72St Edmund Hall BC (Leech) 
24=NOV.8+06:34 (+0:07)4Downing College (M2) 
28IM3.8+06:36 (+0:34)69Selwyn College BC (Monro) 
29IM3.8+06:37 (+0:35)111Bedford School (Chard) 
30IM3.8+06:38 (+0:36)487Brasenose College BC (Lapray) 
31J18.4X06:40 (+0:10)13Star Club (Grzegorzewski) 
51=VCDE.8+06:4133Bedford Rowing Club (Aldred - C)Adjusted Time: 07:06
32=NOV.8+06:42 (+0:15)39Bedford Modern School (Lundgren) 
32=IM3.8+06:42 (+0:40)182City of Oxford RC (Gleen) 
34IM3.8+06:43 (+0:41)110King`s College BC (M2) 
35IM3.4-06:46192Star Club (Tapley) 
36=IM3.8+06:48 (+0:46)70The Queen`s College (M1) 
36=IM2.8+06:48 (+0:49)145The Queen`s College (M1) 
36=IM3.8+06:48 (+0:46)199Northampton RC 
39J18.4X06:49 (+0:19)46Star Club (Tapley) 
40IM2.8+06:52 (+0:53)68Bedford Modern School (OB) 
41=NOV.8+06:53 (+0:26)78Queens` College Cambridge BC (Pattinson) 
41=IM3.4+06:53167Bedford School (Scott) 
43IM3.4+06:56 (+0:03)53St Georges Hospital Med. School (Tempo) 
44W.IM2.8+06:57114City of Oxford RC (Loveday) 
45=IM3.4-07:00 (+0:14)126Star Club (U of B) 
45=NOV.8+07:00 (+0:33)488City of Oxford RC (Gleen) 
47IM3.4+07:01 (+0:08)54Bedford Modern School (Wilding) 
48IM3.4+07:02 (+0:09)128Queen Mary UL BC (Simpson) 
49=NOV.8+07:05 (+0:38)148Bedford School (Olds) 
49=IM3.4+07:05 (+0:12)193Bedford School (Clifton) 
51=VCDE.8+07:0610Star Club (Rainbow - E) 
51=NOV.4+07:06170University of Kent (Blackledge) 
54=IM2.4+07:07124City of Cambridge (Lodge) 
54=NOV.8+07:07 (+0:40)77Queen Mary UL BC (Vanspall) 
56NOV.4+07:09 (+0:03)159Bedford Modern School (Holbrook) 
78VCD.4+07:10191Bedford Rowing Club (Wisbey - C)Adjusted Time: 07:23
57=W.IM3.8+07:117Downing College (W1) 
57=IM3.8+07:11 (+1:09)75Star Club (Chillingsworth) 
59=J14.8X07:12154Hampton School (Nugent) 
59=IM2.4+07:12 (+0:05)157Bedford School (Peat) 
61=NOV.4+07:13 (+0:07)132Bedford School (Hayes) 
61=J14.8X07:13 (+0:01)11Bedford Modern School (Kroon) 
82=VCDE.8+07:13 (+0:19)147Star Club (Barton - D)Adjusted Time: 07:25
61=NOV.8+07:13 (+0:46)40Bedford Modern School (Edwards) 
61=J14.4X+07:1322Peterborough City (Hart) 
65W.IM2.8+07:14 (+0:17)5Bedford Rowing Club (Newton) 
T/OW.IM1.8+07:1534Magdalen College BC (W1) 
66=W.IM3.4X07:15163City of Oxford RC (Seal) 
66=W.IM3.8+07:15 (+0:04)8Star Club (Mulvaney) 
66=W.IM2.8+07:15 (+0:18)35Abingdon RC (Marshall) 
91=VDE.4-07:1548Marlow RC (Mullan)Adjusted Time: 07:28
69W.IM2.8+07:16 (+0:19)185Sidney Sussex College BC (Whitelock) 
70W.J18.4X07:17493Putney High School RC (Edwards) 
71=W.J18.4X07:18 (+0:01)90City of Oxford RC (Seal) 
71=W.IM3.8+07:18 (+0:07)187Magdalen College BC (W1) 
71=IM3.4+07:18 (+0:25)49City of Oxford RC (Carnegie) 
74IM3.4+07:19 (+0:26)194Cantabrigian RC (Arnold) 
75W.IM3.4X07:20 (+0:05)164Staines BC (Musk) 
76IM3.4+07:21 (+0:28)195Bedford School (Chard) 
77W.IM2.8+07:22 (+0:25)150Cantabrigian RC (Robinson) 
79=W.IM2.8+07:24 (+0:27)115Magdalen College BC (W1) 
79=W.IM3.4X07:24 (+0:09)51Putney High School RC (Edwards) 
79=W.IM2.4X07:24492Staines BC (Musk) 
82=Mx.NOV.8+07:25188Bedford Rowing Club (Collett) 
82=W.IM2.8+07:25 (+0:28)152Worcester College (W2) 
85=W.J18.4X07:26 (+0:09)160Putney High School RC (Parker) 
85=W.IM3.8+07:26 (+0:15)81Worcester College (W1) 
85=IM3.4X07:26 (+1:02)88Isle of Ely BC (Turton) 
88=W.IM3.8+07:27 (+0:16)119Magdalene College (Ardin) 
88=W.IM3.8+07:27 (+0:16)121Sidney Sussex College BC (Whitelock) 
88=W.IM3.8+07:27 (+0:16)79Balliol College BC (W1) 
T/OW.SEN.4+07:27168City of Oxford RC (Loveday) 
91=W.J18.4X07:28 (+0:11)50Dame Alice Harpur BC (Harris) 
93=W.NOV.8+07:3043Bedford High School RC 
93=NOV.4X+07:3097Star Club (Grzegorzewski) 
93=W.IM3.8+07:30 (+0:19)117Bedford High School RC 
96W.IM2.8+07:31 (+0:34)36Lea Rowing Club (Parker) 
97=W.IM1.4+07:3292City of Oxford RC (Unwin) 
97=W.IM3.8+07:32 (+0:21)80King`s College BC (W1) 
99=VCD.4+07:33 (+0:10)127Marlow RC (Mullan - D) 
99=W.IM2.4+07:3314City of Oxford RC (Morgan) 
99=W.IM3.8+07:33 (+0:22)122Star Club (Thompson) 
99=J15.4X+07:33140Bedford Modern School (Andrew) 
99=IM2.4+07:33 (+0:26)12Milton Keynes RC (Vinden) 
104=IM3.4+07:35 (+0:42)130Queen Mary UL BC (Dixon) 
104=W.IM2.4+07:35 (+0:02)197City of Oxford RC (Loveday) 
104=NOV.4+07:35 (+0:29)94Bedford School (Howard) 
107=W.IM2.4+07:38 (+0:05)96Bedford Rowing Club (A) 
107=W.J16.4X07:3857Dame Alice Harpur BC (Wright) 
109=W.IM3.8+07:40 (+0:29)116Anglia Ruskin (W1) 
109=W.IM2.8+07:40 (+0:43)149Balliol College BC (W1) 
111=J14.8X07:41 (+0:29)44Bedford School (A) 
111=W.IM3.8+07:41 (+0:30)37Christ Church (W1) 
113W.NOV.8+07:42 (+0:12)123Christ Church (W1) 
114=W.IM2.4X07:43 (+0:19)125Abingdon RC (Guingouain) 
114=W.IM3.8+07:43 (+0:32)38Star Club (Garrard) 
116J14.8X07:44 (+0:32)85Bedford Modern School (Benison) 
117=W.IM3.4X07:45 (+0:30)161Dame Alice Harpur BC (Harris) 
117=NOV.4+07:45 (+0:39)131Bedford Modern School (Lundgren) 
T/OIM3.4X+07:4798Star Club (Talboys) 
119=J14.4X+07:47 (+0:34)64Hampton School (Nugent) 
119=W.IM3.4+07:47496City of Oxford RC (Seal) 
119=IM3.4+07:47 (+0:54)166Bedford Rowing Club (Clinton) 
119=J14.8X07:47 (+0:35)86Bedford School (B) 
119=W.J15.4X+07:4720Peterborough City (Swain) 
124W.IM3.8+07:48 (+0:37)186Star Club (Gagol) 
125NOV.4+07:49 (+0:43)133Bedford Modern School (Charman) 
126=NOV.4+07:50 (+0:44)495Bedford Rowing Club (Tusting) 
126=J14.4X+07:50 (+0:37)100Bedford Modern School (Clarke) 
146VCD.4+07:51 (+0:41)158Star Club (Chillingsworth - C)Adjusted Time: 08:04
128=W.J15.4X+07:52 (+0:05)176Peterborough City (Austin) 
128=W.J16.4X07:52 (+0:14)136Star Club (Hughes) 
130=W.IM1.4+07:53 (+0:21)494Milton Keynes RC (Mills) 
130=W.J15.4X+07:53 (+0:06)141Dame Alice Harpur BC (Gledhill) 
132=W.IM3.8+07:54 (+0:43)118The Queen`s College (W1) 
132=W.IM3.4X07:54 (+0:39)52Isle of Ely BC (Cotgrove) 
134=J14.4X+07:55 (+0:42)61Hampton School (Khan) 
134=W.IM2.4+07:55 (+0:22)95Cantabrigian RC (Robinson) 
136W.NOV.4+07:56173University of Kent (Fish) 
137=W.IM2.4+07:58 (+0:25)56Milton Keynes RC (Mills) 
137=W.J16.4X07:58 (+0:20)137Bedford Modern School (Hodgkiss) 
139=Mx.NOV.8+07:59 (+0:34)189Northampton RC (Whitney) 
139=NOV.4+07:59 (+0:53)196Milton Keynes RC (Dytham) 
141=W.IM3.4X08:01 (+0:46)162Staines BC (Lock) 
141=W.J14.4X+08:01101Isle of Ely/Kings Ely (Freeman) 
143=NOV.4+08:02 (+0:56)169Queen Mary UL BC (Vanspall) 
143=J14.4X+08:02 (+0:49)179Hampton School (Horan) 
143=W.NOV.8+08:02 (+0:32)83Lea Rowing Club (Whear) 
147W.IM3.4+08:05 (+0:18)135Abingdon RC (Hart) 
148W.NOV.8+08:06 (+0:36)41Queen Mary UL BC (Keeble) 
149=J14.4X+08:08 (+0:55)178Peterborough City (Manganiello) 
149=W.J15.4X+08:08 (+0:21)99Bedford Modern School (Hodgkiss) 
151=W.IM3.8+08:09 (+0:58)151Brasenose College BC (Mackay) 
151=W.J15.4X+08:09 (+0:22)19Bedford Modern School (Prentice) 
153W.NOV.8+08:10 (+0:40)42The Queen`s College (W1) 
154W.IM3.8+08:12 (+1:01)6Royal Air Force RC (Bench) 
155W.J15.4X+08:14 (+0:27)21Star Club (Hughes) 
156W.J15.4X+08:15 (+0:28)59Dame Alice Harpur BC (Jeffery-Sinclair) 
157J14.4X+08:18 (+1:05)177Hampton School (Marcus) 
158=W.J15.4X+08:19 (+0:32)60Isle of Ely BC (Peachey) 
158=W.NOV.4+08:19 (+0:23)17Bedford High School RC 
160W.IM2.4+08:21 (+0:48)55Cantabrigian RC (Westgate) 
161W.J16.4X08:22 (+0:44)15Dame Alice Harpur BC (Colman) 
162W.J14.4X+08:24 (+0:23)24Dame Alice Harpur BC (Carter) 
163=J14.8X08:26 (+1:14)45Hampton School (Marcus) 
163=W.IM2.4+08:26 (+0:53)138Lea Rowing Club (Parker) 
165=IM3.4+08:27 (+1:34)165Abingdon RC (Murphy) 
165=NOV.4+08:27 (+1:21)93Abingdon RC (Trichardt) 
167W.IM3.4+08:28 (+0:41)171Milton Keynes RC (Wilson) 
168W.J14.4X+08:29 (+0:28)102Bedford High School RC (V) 
169J14.4X+08:33 (+1:20)63Hampton School (Drenth) 
170W.NOV.4+08:34 (+0:38)174Lea Rowing Club (Zaremba) 
171W.IM2.4+08:38 (+1:05)134Bedford Rowing Club (B) 
172W.J14.4X+08:39 (+0:38)26Dame Alice Harpur BC (Hamilton-Briscoe) 
173W.J16.4X08:40 (+1:02)16Bedford Rowing Club (Stock) 
174J14.8X08:41 (+1:29)155Hampton School (Drenth) 
175W.NOV.4+08:43 (+0:47)198Staines BC (Moran) 
176J14.4X+08:50 (+1:37)23Bedford Modern School (Zhang) 
177W.J15.4X+08:52 (+1:05)18Bedford Rowing Club (Mynett) 
178W.J14.8X09:0087Dame Alice Harpur BC (Moule) 
179J15.4X+09:03 (+1:30)498Star Club (Tugulu) 
180W.J14.4X+09:04 (+1:03)65Bedford High School RC (Y) 
181W.J14.4X+09:05 (+1:04)25Bedford High School RC (X) 
182=W.NOV.4+09:06 (+1:10)175Star Club (U of B) 
182=NOV.4X+09:06 (+1:36)58Bedford Rowing Club (Pritchard) 
184W.J14.4X+09:09 (+1:08)103Dame Alice Harpur BC (Stephens) 
185W.J14.4X+09:15 (+1:14)499Bedford Modern School 
186J14.4X+09:20 (+2:07)62Hampton School (Pedder) 
187W.J14.8X09:22 (+0:22)190Bedford Modern School (Papworth) 
T/OW.NOV.4+09:24 (+1:28)497Star Club 
DQLVCDE.8+DQL 9Bedford Rowing Club (Collett - E) 
DQLVDE.4-DQL 89Bedford Rowing Club (Collett) 
DQLIM3.4+DQL 129University of Kent (Webb)