Bedford Eights & Fours Head

Sunday 9th February 2003

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Results for University of Kent

66=N.8+06:47 (+00:32)173University of Kent (C)
94=N.4+07:15118University of Kent (B)
109=N.4+07:23 (+00:08)83University of Kent (G)
129=N.4+07:38 (+00:23)82University of Kent (E)
147=N.4+07:47 (+00:32)155University of Kent (F)
184N.4+09:02 (+01:47)185University of Kent (C)
186N.4+09:08 (+01:53)119University of Kent (A)
188N.4+09:30 (+02:15)156University of Kent (D)
190WN.4+09:47 (+01:13)84University of Kent