Henley Town & Visitors Regatta

Saturday 3rd August 2019

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RaceTimeStatusNext RaceWinnerSecondThirdTimeVerdict 1:2Verdict 2:3
108:30B1.Op.2X61(60) Upper Thames RC(62) Reading RC(61) Royal Air Force RC (Carpenter/Sanderson)3:071/2 length1/4 length
208:34B1.Op.2X61(58) Upper Thames RC / The Windsorian RC(57) UL Tyrian Club(59) Henley RC (Seager/Seager)3:071 lengtheasily
408:42B3.Op.2X51(71) Fulham Reach RC(70) Vesta RC(69) Henley RC / Upper Thames RC3:503 lengthsDNS
508:46B3.W.1X44(130) Royal Air Force RC (C Ostacchini)(129) Bentham BC (A Williams)(128) Reading RC (Lee)4:034 lengthsDNS
608:50B3.W.1X44(132) Oxford University Lwt Women's BC (F Jamieson)(131) Reading RC (T Chenje)(133) Vesta RC (G Pipkin)4:03easilyDNS
708:54B3.W.1X44(134) Eton Excelsior RC (R Smillie)(136) Twickenham RC (R Crosby)(135) Wolfson College, Oxford (S Schauman)4:224 lengths1 1/2 lengths
808:58B2.W.1X45(124) Greenbank Falmouth RC (C Brown)(123) Marlow RC (E Boddy)(122) Stratford-upon-Avon BC (A Baines)3:563 1/2 lengths4 lengths
909:02B2.W.1X45(125) Marlow RC (A Ruinet)(127) Royal Air Force RC (A Robinson)(126) Stratford-upon-Avon BC (Kenny)4:011 lengthDNS
1009:06B1.W.1X47(119) Vesta RC (C Wood)(118) Staines BC (E Burton)4:023 1/2 lengths 
1109:10B1.W.1X47(121) London RC (M Jackson)(120) Mortlake Anglian & Alpha BC (N Sacre)3:533 1/2 lengths 
1209:14W.J14.2X49(114) Wallingford RC (Carrington)(115) Barn Elms RC4:023 lengths 
1309:18W.J14.2X49(117) Henley RC(116) Wallingford RC (Cotton)3:454 lengths 
1409:22Mas.AB.2X46(77) Fulham Reach RC / Twickenham RC (=B)(76) Royal Air Force RC (Parle =B)(75) Royal Air Force RC (Merchant =A)3:242 1/2 lengths3 lengths
1509:26Mas.AB.2X46(78) UL Tyrian Club (=B)(79) Royal Air Force RC (Murdoch =A)3:32easily 
1609:30W.Mas.E.2X50(106) Upper Thames RC(108) Maidenhead RC(107) Bradford-on-Avon RC3:421 1/4 lengthseasily
1709:34W.Mas.E.2X50(110) Eton Excelsior RC(109) AKN/VRC4:05easily 
1809:38W.Mas.CD.2X43(101) Upper Thames RC (=C)(102) Maidenhead RC (=C)(100) Marlow RC (=D)3:371 1/4 lengthsDNS
1909:42W.Mas.CD.2X43(105) Barnes Bridge Ladies RC (=C)(103) Eton Excelsior RC (=C)(104) Royal Air Force RC (=C)3:491 length1/4 length
2009:46Mas.GH.2X55(87) Guildford RC (=H)(88) Marlow RC (=G)3:482 1/2 lengths 
2109:50Mas.GH.2X55(90) Stratford-upon-Avon BC (=G)(89) Bentham BC (=G)3:541/2 length 
2209:54Mas.CD.2X59(83) Marlow RC (Ruinet =D)(82) Upper Thames RC (=C)(73) Guildford RC (=C)3:254 1/2 lengthseasily
2309:58Mas.CD.2X59(81) Marlow RC (Parsons =D)(80) Eton Excelsior RC (=D)3:255 lengths 
2410:02B1.W.4X (40) Leander RC(39) UL Tyrian Club(41) City of Oxford RC3:033 1/2 lengthsDNS
2510:07B2.Mx.4+72(31) Globe RC(30) Twickenham RC3:402 lengths 
2610:11B2.Mx.4+72(33) Bentham BC / Univ Leicester(32) Bentham BC3:335 lengths 
2710:15B2.Op.2X60(63) York City RC(64) Henley RC (Walker/Jacob)(68) Auriol Kensington3:373 lengthsDNS
2810:19B2.Op.2X60(65) Royal Air Force RC (Wilkinson/Banks)(66) Henley RC (Hillyer/Rasek)(67) Magdalen College, Oxford3:234 lengthsDNS
2910:23B1.Op.8+73(1) UL Tyrian Club(2) Marlow RC2:473/4 length 
3010:27B1.Op.8+73(4) Vesta RC(3) London RC2:522 lengths 
3110:31B3.Op.2-62(54) Vesta RC (Noll/Corney)(53) Parrs Priory RC (Wallace/Hewson)3:364 1/2 lengths 
3210:35B3.Op.2-62(56) Linacre BC(55) Parrs Priory RC (Hunt/Baggaley)3:431 1/4 lengths 
3310:39B2.Op.2-63(50) Wolfson College, Oxford(49) Vesta RC (Radcke/Bottomley)3:331 length 
3410:43B2.Op.2-63(51) Maidenhead RC(52) RAF RC / Lincoln RC3:351 1/4 lengths 
3510:47B1.Op.2-64(46) East India Club / Exeter Univ(45) Upper Thames RC3:222 lengths 
3610:51B1.Op.2-64(48) UL Tyrian Club(47) Auriol Kensington3:261 length 
3710:55B2.W.4+70(20) Reading RC (Austin)(18) Parrs Priory RC(19) Oxford Academicals RC4:005 lengths3 lengths
3810:59B2.W.4+70(23) Wolfson College, Oxford (Patel)(22) Falcon RC (Crossley)(21) Eton Excelsior RC3:513/4 length1 length
3911:03B1.W.4+53(14) Stratford-upon-Avon BC(13) Wolfson College, Oxford (Dunham)(15) Bentham BC / King's Coll London3:403 lengths1 1/2 lengths
4011:07B1.W.4+53(16) Warwick BC(17) Barnes Bridge Ladies RC3:411 1/2 lengths 
311:11B3.Op.2X51(72) Globe RC(74) Green Templeton BC(359) Status Change3:411/2 lengthDNS
4111:15B1.Mx.4+ (27) UL Tyrian Club(29) Vesta RC (Langtree)(28) Vesta RC (Mayall)3:163/4 length2 lengths
4211:20B4.W.1X (139) Oxford University Lwt Women's BC (L Boddy)(138) Twickenham RC (V Pilborough)(137) Eton Excelsior RC (F Jones)4:09easilyeasily
4311:24W.Mas.CD.2X (101) Upper Thames RC (=C)(105) Barnes Bridge Ladies RC (=C)3:475 lengths 
4411:28B3.W.1X (132) Oxford University Lwt Women's BC (F Jamieson)(130) Royal Air Force RC (C Ostacchini)(134) Eton Excelsior RC (R Smillie)4:051 3/4 lengthseasily
4511:32B2.W.1X (124) Greenbank Falmouth RC (C Brown)(125) Marlow RC (A Ruinet)4:042 lengths 
4611:36Mas.AB.2X (78) UL Tyrian Club (=B)(77) Fulham Reach RC / Twickenham RC (=B)3:205 lengths 
4711:40B1.W.1X (121) London RC (M Jackson)(119) Vesta RC (C Wood)NTT2 lengths 
4811:44W.Mas.F.2X (112) Twickenham RC(111) Mortlake Anglian & Alpha BC(113) Henley RC4:165 lengthsDNS
4911:48W.J14.2X (117) Henley RC(114) Wallingford RC (Carrington)3:575 lengths 
5011:52W.Mas.E.2X (106) Upper Thames RC(110) Eton Excelsior RC3:575 lengths 
5111:56B3.Op.2X (72) Globe RC(71) Fulham Reach RC3:475 lengths 
5212:00W.Mas.AB.2X (97) HSBC RC (=B)(99) Army RC (=A)(98) Fulham Reach RC (=B)3:522 lengthseasily
5312:04B1.W.4+ (14) Stratford-upon-Avon BC(16) Warwick BC3:381/4 length 
5412:09J14.2X (95) Wallingford RC (Davies)(94) Hereford RC(96) Wallingford RC (Wright)3:533 lengths1 1/2 lengths
5512:13Mas.GH.2X (87) Guildford RC (=H)(90) Stratford-upon-Avon BC (=G)4:103 lengths 
5612:17J18.2X (91) Hereford RC (Fraser)(92) Hereford RC (Gittins)(93) Wallingford RC3:303 1/2 lengthseasily
5712:21W.Alumni 8+ (12) BSC/LDR(11) UL Tyrian Club3:121 2/3 lengths 
5812:26Mas.EF.2X (85) Bentham BC (=E)(86) Abingdon RC (=F)(84) Thames Tradesmens' RC (=E)4:005 lengths5 lengths
5912:30Mas.CD.2X (83) Marlow RC (Ruinet =D)(81) Marlow RC (Parsons =D)NTTDNS 
6012:34B2.Op.2X (65) Royal Air Force RC (Wilkinson/Banks)(63) York City RC3:27easily 
6112:38B1.Op.2X (60) Upper Thames RC(58) Upper Thames RC / The Windsorian RC3:112 lengths 
6212:42B3.Op.2- (56) Linacre BC(54) Vesta RC (Noll/Corney)3:322 lengths 
6312:46B2.Op.2- (51) Maidenhead RC(50) Wolfson College, Oxford3:371 1/4 lengths 
6412:50B1.Op.2- (46) East India Club / Exeter Univ(48) UL Tyrian Club3:242 lengths 
6512:54B2.W.4X (43) Royal Air Force RC(44) Abingdon RC(42) Oxford Academicals RC3:373 1/2 lengths2/3 length
6712:59B1.W.4- (34) UL Tyrian Club(35) Auriol Kensington (Smith)3:39easily 
6813:09B3.Op.8+ (10) Wolfson College, Oxford(9) Oxford Academicals RC (Al-Khatib)(8) Royal Air Force RC (May)3:032 lengthsa canvas
6913:14B3.W.4+ (26) Linacre BC(24) Falcon RC (Oliveira)(25) Reading RC (Robson)4:031 length1 2/3 lengths
7013:19B2.W.4+ (20) Reading RC (Austin)(23) Wolfson College, Oxford (Patel)3:473 lengths 
7113:24B2.Op.8+ (6) Royal Air Force RC (Sanderson)(5) East India Club / Bedford RC(7) Oxford Academicals RC (Houghton)3:001 length2 lengths
7213:29B2.Mx.4+ (33) Bentham BC / Univ Leicester(31) Globe RC3:425 lengths 
7313:34B1.Op.8+ (1) UL Tyrian Club(4) Vesta RC2:532 lengths 
6613:40B2.W.4- (38) Marlow RC(37) Auriol Kensington (Major)(36) Army RC3:325 lengths5 lengths
10113:50W.J14.1X153(355) Wallingford RC (S Carrington)(356) Barn Elms RC (D Groves)4:261/4 length 
10213:54W.J14.1X153(358) Wallingford RC (H Whetter)(357) Hereford RC (A Warner)4:443 1/2 lengths 
10313:58J14.1X156(347) Wallingford RC (N Gauden)(346) Hereford RC (A Sudall)4:14easily 
10414:02J14.1X156(348) Henley RC (L Swinburne-Johnson)(351) Hereford RC (W Morgan-Jones)(349) Wallingford RC (T Wright)4:163 1/2 lengths1 1/2 lengths
10514:06J14.1X156(350) Nottinghamshire County Rowing Association (B Richards)(352) Hereford RC (J Cadwallader)4:101 1/4 lengths 
10614:10B4.Op.1X144(328) Upper Thames RC (L Price)(326) Wolfson College, Oxford (A Ferris)(327) Henley RC (G Walker)4:091 lengtheasily
10714:14B4.Op.1X144(331) Henley RC (T Moon)(330) Upper Thames RC (R Gullett)(329) Wolfson College, Oxford (K Bowater)3:49DNSDNS
10814:18B1.Op.1X145(310) Las Vegas Institute of Sport BC (A Pascovitch)(308) Royal Air Force RC (E Carpenter)(309) Upper Thames RC (M Shimmin)3:403/4 length1 length
10914:22B1.Op.1X145(313) Royal Air Force RC (E Wilkinson)(311) Upper Thames RC (T Foster)(312) Twickenham RC (J Wooller)3:421 1/2 lengths1 1/4 lengths
11014:26J15.1X157(342) Henley RC (J McLellan)(343) Henley RC (J Hart)NTT2 feet 
11114:30J15.1X157(344) Barn Elms RC (J Hunter)(345) Radley College Boat Club (A Perez Quane)3:564 1/2 lengths 
11214:34J16.1X158(338) Stratford-upon-Avon BC (F Tyler)(339) Henley RC (C Seager)3:371/2 length 
11314:38J16.1X158(340) Wallingford RC (F Gauden)(341) Henley RC (C Crisp)3:48Not Rowed Out 
11414:42B1.W.2X151(274) UL Tyrian Club(272) Mortlake Anglian & Alpha BC(273) Upper Thames RC (Dobson/Clegg)3:471/2 length1 1/4 lengths
11514:46B1.W.2X151(276) City of Oxford RC(275) Royal Air Force RC (Carpenter/Robinson)(277) Upper Thames RC (Pollok-Morris/Hynes)3:542 1/2 lengthsDNS
11614:50B5.Op.1X160(332) London RC (C Haynes)(334) Linacre BC (M Hosseini)(333) Vesta RC (C Ruddick)4:062 1/2 lengths2 lengths
11714:54B5.Op.1X160(335) Henley RC (R Seager)(336) Guildford RC (X Teo)(337) Parrs Priory RC (M Bradley)4:014 lengths1 1/2 lengths
11814:58B3.Op.1X161(320) Tideway Scullers School (P Keech)(322) Upper Thames RC (M Scott)(321) Vesta RC (N Cleobury)3:544 lengthsDNS
11915:02B3.Op.1X161(325) Runcorn RC (A Herrod)(324) Upper Thames RC (S Moneley)(323) Marlow RC (Galbraith)3:391 lengthDNS
12015:06B2.Op.1X162(314) Wallingford RC (J Colam)(316) Upper Thames RC (A Powell)(315) Henley RC (A Jacob)3:422 lengths1 length
12115:10B2.Op.1X162(319) Reading RC (R Marsland)(317) Wolfson College, Oxford (P Schäfer)(318) Hereford RC (G Fraser)3:371 length1/2 length
12215:14B3.Mx.2X167(301) Reading RC(300) Bentham BC / Univ Leicester3:433 lengths 
12315:18B3.Mx.2X167(304) London RC (Salter/McHarg)(303) Bentham BC / Hillingdon RC3:441 length 
12415:22B2.Mx.2X168(296) Royal Air Force RC(295) London RC (Lucani/Jackson)(294) Wallingford RC3:333 lengths2 lengths
12515:26B2.Mx.2X168(297) Vesta RC(298) Hereford RC(299) Maidenhead RC3:282 lengthsDNS
12615:30W.J18.2X175(287) Henley RC(288) Stratford-upon-Avon BC (Baines)3:462/3 length 
12715:34W.J18.2X175(289) Upper Thames RC(290) Stratford-upon-Avon BC (Browne)3:432 1/2 lengths 
12815:38W.Mas.EG.4X176(264) Minerva Bath RC (=E)(263) Marlow RC (Tilbury =G)3:501 length 
12915:42B2.W.2X172(279) Upper Thames RC (Alder/Hoodless)(280) Twickenham RC(278) AKN/VRC4:005 lengths5 lengths
13015:46B2.W.2X172(283) Eton Excelsior RC(282) HSBC RC(281) Bentham BC3:582/3 lengtheasily
13115:50B2.W.2X172(285) Minerva Bath RC(284) Falcon RC(286) Royal Air Force RC (Fishman/Lipton)4:054 1/2 lengths2 lengths
13315:58W.Mas.BCD.4X (259) Eton Excelsior RC (=D)(262) Wallingford RC (=C)(261) Auriol Kensington (=B)3:354 lengthsDNS
13416:02B1.Op.4+169(215) Marlow RC(217) East India Club Rowing Section(216) London RC3:202/3 lengthDNS
13516:06B1.Op.4+169(220) Wolfson College, Oxford(218) Twickenham RC(219) East India / Bedford / Exeter Univ3:251 1/2 lengthseasily
13616:10W.2-173(267) Vesta RC(268) UL Tyrian Club(269) Marlow RC3:582 1/2 lengths2 lengths
13716:14W.2-173(270) Koninklijke Amsterdamsche RZV 'De Hoop'(271) Stratford-upon-Avon BC3:553 feet 
13816:18W.Mas.EG.4X176(266) Upper Thames RC /Tideway Sc Sch (=E)(265) Marlow RC (Gibson =E)3:46easily 
13916:22B2.W.8+182(208) Wolfson College, Oxford(207) Reading RC (Austin)(206) Vesta RC (Berna)3:261 footeasily
14016:26Mas.EF.4X177(252) Bentham BC (=F)(251) Henley RC (=E)(253) Abingdon RC (=F)3:421 1/2 lengths4 lengths
14116:30Mas.EF.4X177(254) Upper Thames RC (=F)(255) Bentham BC / Hillingdon RC (=F)3:31easily 
14216:34Mas.BCD.4-179(238) Upper Thames RC (=D)(237) Marlow RC (=D)3:16easily 
14316:38Mas.BCD.4-179(239) Royal Air Force RC (=B)(240) Eton Excelsior RC (=C)3:20a canvas 
14416:42B4.Op.1X (331) Henley RC (T Moon)(328) Upper Thames RC (L Price)3:50easily 
14516:46B1.Op.1X (313) Royal Air Force RC (E Wilkinson)(310) Las Vegas Institute of Sport BC (A Pascovitch)3:351 length 
14616:50B2.Op.4-180(233) East India / Exeter U / Bristol U(234) Auriol Kensington3:121 1/4 lengths 
14716:54B2.Op.4-180(235) Hinksey Sc Sch / St Edward's Martyrs BC(236) London RC3:132 1/2 lengths 
14816:58B2.Op.4+181(223) Oxford Academicals RC (Houghton)(222) Reading RC(221) Royal Air Force RC3:371/2 length1/2 length
14917:02B2.Op.4+181(226) Vesta RC(225) Auriol Kensington(224) Oxford Academicals RC (Al-Khatib)3:23EasilyEasily
18417:06Op.Alumni 8+ (202) UL Tyrian Club(201) Blue Star Club2:441/3 length 
15017:11B2.W.8+182(210) Koninklijke Amsterdamsche RZV 'De Hoop'(211) Maidenhead RC(209) Oxford Academicals RC3:273 feet3 lengths
15117:15B1.W.2X (276) City of Oxford RC(274) UL Tyrian Club3:433 lengths 
15217:19B3.W.8+ (214) Twickenham RC(213) Reading RC (Robson)(212) Upper Thames RC3:501/3 lengthDNS
15317:24W.J14.1X (355) Wallingford RC (S Carrington)(358) Wallingford RC (H Whetter)4:261 length 
15417:28W.J15.1X (354) Wallingford RC (M James)(353) Stratford-upon-Avon BC (S Elstone)4:07Easily 
15517:32Mas.AC.4X (249) Marlow RC (=C)(250) Royal Air Force RC (=A)3:22Easily 
15617:37J14.1X (350) Nottinghamshire County Rowing Association (B Richards)(348) Henley RC (L Swinburne-Johnson)(347) Wallingford RC (N Gauden)3:583 1/4 lengths3/4 length
15717:41J15.1X (344) Barn Elms RC (J Hunter)(342) Henley RC (J McLellan)3:584 lengths 
15817:45J16.1X (340) Wallingford RC (F Gauden)(338) Stratford-upon-Avon BC (F Tyler)3:392 feet 
15917:49B1.Op.4- (232) Thames RC (Traeger)(231) UL Tyrian Club(230) Thames RC (Jones)3:004 lengthsDNS
16017:54B5.Op.1X (335) Henley RC (R Seager)(332) London RC (C Haynes)3:545 lengths 
16117:58B3.Op.1X (325) Runcorn RC (A Herrod)(320) Tideway Scullers School (P Keech)3:371 1/2 lengths 
16218:02B2.Op.1X (314) Wallingford RC (J Colam)(319) Reading RC (R Marsland)3:403/4 length 
16318:06Mas.EF.4- (241) Marlow RC (Yeatman =F)(242) Royal Air Force RC (=E)(243) Marlow RC (King =E)3:342 lengths3 lengths
16418:11B1.Op.4X (245) Thames RC(244) UL Tyrian Club2:532/3 length 
16518:16Mas.GH.4X (257) Guildford RC (=H)(256) Twickenham RC (=H)(258) Upper Thames RC (=G)3:422 lengths2 1/2 lengths
16618:21B4.Mx.2X (307) Guildford RC (Reddy/Oakey)(306) Auriol Kensington / East India Club(305) Guildford RC (Fleming/Lumb)3:525 lengthsEasily
16718:25B3.Mx.2X (301) Reading RC(304) London RC (Salter/McHarg)3:381 1/4 lengths 
16818:29B2.Mx.2X (297) Vesta RC(296) Royal Air Force RC3:222 lengths 
16918:33B1.Op.4+ (220) Wolfson College, Oxford(215) Marlow RC3:143/4 length 
17018:38B1.Mx.2X (293) Upper Thames RC / UL Tyrian Club(291) UL Tyrian Club(292) Henley RC / Newcastle Univ3:161 1/4 lengths2/3 length
17118:42B3.Op.4+ (228) Hereford RC(227) Parrs Priory RC(229) Army RC3:30Easily3 1/2 lengths
17218:47B2.W.2X (279) Upper Thames RC (Alder/Hoodless)(285) Minerva Bath RC(283) Eton Excelsior RC3:571/4 length1 length
17318:51W.2- (267) Vesta RC(270) Koninklijke Amsterdamsche RZV 'De Hoop'3:532 lengths 
17519:00W.J18.2X (289) Upper Thames RC(287) Henley RC3:383 1/2 lengths 
17619:04W.Mas.EG.4X (266) Upper Thames RC /Tideway Sc Sch (=E)(264) Minerva Bath RC (=E)3:27Easily 
17719:09Mas.EF.4X (254) Upper Thames RC (=F)(252) Bentham BC (=F)3:185 lengths 
17819:14B2.Op.4X (248) Upper Thames RC(246) Oxford Academicals RC(247) RAF RC / York City RC / York St John Univ3:03Easily1/2 length
17919:19Mas.BCD.4- (238) Upper Thames RC (=D)(239) Royal Air Force RC (=B)3:112 1/2 lengths 
18019:24B2.Op.4- (235) Hinksey Sc Sch / St Edward's Martyrs BC(233) East India / Exeter U / Bristol U3:031 1/4 lengths 
18119:29B2.Op.4+ (226) Vesta RC(223) Oxford Academicals RC (Houghton)3:195 lengths 
18219:34B2.W.8+ (210) Koninklijke Amsterdamsche RZV 'De Hoop'(208) Wolfson College, Oxford3:251/2 length 
18319:39B1.W.8+ (205) Vesta RC (Wood)(204) UL Tyrian Club(203) Thames RC3:183 feet1 1/4 lengths

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